2021 Tech Startups You Should Keep an Eye On

2021 Tech Startups

Every day a new idea is born. These ideas could be very minimal yet can change dynamics of everyday life. In the past few years, tech startups such as Airbnb, Slack, SpaceX & Tesla, Epic Games, and a lot more have been successful. We have curated a list of 2021 tech startups that could be the next big thing! 

The situation in 2020 stopped many developments but sparked a lot of innovative ideas. Technological advancements got boosted and some creative minds came up with such intriguing pitches anyone couldn’t ignore. 

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at the best 2021 tech startups that aim to change the present and future as well! 

1. Remitr

Payments, whether we’re talking wire transfers or cheques, it is a little hassle and often slow. There are many options that offer limited services and channels for payments which leads people to go for slower and time-taking procedures. 

Remitr is the brainchild of Kanchan Kumar & Sandeep Todi, based in Toronto. Remitr is an efficient alternative that can help you process wire transfers & cheque payments and avoid unnecessary bank visits. 

Remitr was founded in 2016 and now operates across Canada and over 150 countries around the globe. It is currently functional and processes hundreds of millions of dollars every year. It can be surely considered as one of the best 2021 tech startups. 

2. Tessian

Minor typos can ruin a lot of things. A misspelling in an email will make your email get lost in the middle of nowhere. You could have a little typo in the email address and would wonder why your leads or clients are not responding to you. 

This is a very common human error as people instinctively overlook minor mistakes. 

Tessian, formerly known as CheckRecipient, is a UK-based startup. It aims to help organizations in sending the perfect emails and evade the risk of mis-sending emails. 

Tessian analyzes a huge number of data points on the organization’s email network and highlights any mis-addressed emails and unusual patterns.

Once Tessian detects any off-pattern email, mis-addressed email, or any kind of sensitive information in the email, it prompts the sender to double check it. 

Looking up to this very minimalistic, yet helpful rising 2021 tech startup can help you save a lot of time and eliminate common mistakes. 

3. Hopin

Everything went virtual during the pandemic and Hopin took all the benefits from it. 

As many conferences and events went completely virtual, the need for a platform that lets organizations create immersive virtual, hybrid, and real-like event experiences for the audience regardless of their location was very high. 

Hopin came with intriguing ideas and by November 2020, it already had over 3.5 million users at over 50,000 organizations, companies, corporations, and businesses. Hopin has NATO, United Nations, UCLA, Miro, and the Atlantic as few of its biggest clients. 

The Hopin team was merely 23 people at the start of 2020, but it increased to 215 by the end of 2020. As the time has passed, Hopin has managed to make its place in one of the top 2021 tech startups that no one should miss. 

4. Shift

Teamwork is a pillar of any successful project. Whether you’re starting a business or collaborating with your coworkers/employees on projects, you need teamwork and fast communication. 

Shift is made for the leaders to understand, lead, and support their teams in the shortest time possible.

Shift offers an array of tools that combine deep analytics, diagnostics, and built-in guidance. On the other hand, Shift offers integrated solutions that business managers and leaders appreciate and love. 

Shift’s aim is to improve the leadership style and keep the leaders stay involved with their team, giving them the ability to track and improvise projects in real time remotely. 

So whether you’re managing a Chinese B2B marketplace or a social media marketing campaign, Shift’s tools can be very beneficial for you!

5. Hypercare

The healthcare industry went through a traumatic yet remarkable phase in 2020. With the upsurge of pandemic, communication and coordination between healthcare workers was kind of falling apart. 

Using the general communication applications causes delays and messages would get mixed up with other unimportant notifications as well. On the other hand, having to use multiple applications was tiring as well. 

That is where Hypercare shines. This app specially made for the health workers, improves the collaboration and team management in crucial times. 

The features include:

  • Secure messaging. 
  • Task management.
  • Automated escalation.
  • Self-serving switch board to connect with people quickly.
  • Instantly connect with entire teams when needed.
  • Scheduling and managing task sheets in real time. 
  • Team analytics.
  • Team management through administrative dashboard. 
  • Supports Google Sign-In.

And a lot more. If you’re in the healthcare industry, then you should consider Hypercare for sure. Let the administration know about it! 

Final Words

We had something for everyone here. One or more of these 2021 tech startups may have piqued your interest, so don’t spend time thinking and check them out. You will surely become part of history in the making with these startups on your side!


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