3 Necessary Filters For Liquid Processing

liquid gas filter

Water conservation has become more crucial than ever in the decision-making process. International process licensors and engineering companies are finding themselves adapting their designs to local water usage regulations.

Solid/liquid separators play an essential role in these processes. Selecting the right filters and filtration systems can minimize process downtime, reduce maintenance and waste disposal costs, limit worker exposure to the fluids, and improve product quality. However, proper filter selection can vary from industrial applications, water filtrations, boilers, and irrigation.

When determining which liquid process to use, consider these three primary filters or filtration systems:

1. Bag Filters

Liquid bag filters operate by capturing solids inside the filter media “bag,” and tend to be low cost. They have smaller surface areas than comparable cartridge systems. Due to their full range of process conditions, they’re an excellent choice for a variety of applications, including paints, water treatment, food processing, pharmaceutical, and more.

2. Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters remove suspended solids for applications with have lower flow rates, where exposure to the process liquid is not an issue. They are the same initial cost as bag filters but contain a higher operational price. We recommend both bag filters and cartridges if the operator and environmental exposure to the liquids are acceptable, and requires removal of loss solids. When choosing a filter for liquid processing, it’s important to thoroughly consider the cost, flow requirements, and operator exposure risks.

3. Clean-In-Place (CIP)

• It is best used or applied where flow rates are high, filter media replacement units are on top, or exposure of the process liquid to workers or the environment is unwanted
• Used to remove suspended solids of approx.1 micro and more significant for all types of liquid process streams
• Higher initial costs when compared to bag and cartridge filters & filtration systems, but lower operational costs


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