Are You Ready To Embrace 5G Technology In 2020

5G Technology

Technology is maturing day by day. We can only see how the world is growing by integrating the most innovative technologies in almost every sector. From managing and controlling the house to connecting with people out of radius, innovative technology is now on our fingertips. Recently, the news broke regarding 5G technology, and we can’t believe to see how fastest our generation is moving towards a new era.

After Google launched its $500 5G phone, Apple Inc. also planned to enter the bandwagon. It has recently announced the launch of the very first 5G iPhone, which will definitely create hype in the international market.

It will certainly take some time to switch to absolutely new technology. We have been using 4G technology for quite a long time. The innovation is now bringing to us some more promising benefits that we can hardly think of any drawbacks to halt our plans.

Well, it is also the fact that new technology is not available in many locations. This is definitely a heartbreaking situation but might be; you can have it for sure.

This post is all about making you understand the benefits, compatibility criteria, and coverage issues in different parts of the world.

Benefits Of 5G Technology

1. Increased Speed

We know that every wireless network generation upgrades to a better and faster speed. This is one of the benefits of the 5G network that you get on embracing the technology. It is known to have more speed compared to 4G LTE.

According to sources, 5G technology offers a speed of up to 10 Gbps, which is ten times more than the 4G network. This definitely gives consumers a reason to switch to better and innovative technology.

2. Reduced Latency

Latency measures the time taken by the signal from traveling to the source to the receiver and vice versa. Low latency is one of the goals of every wireless network so that consumers can transmit data in less time.

The new technology ensures to have low latency than 4G LTE, which will transmit data in less than 5 milliseconds. Moreover, it processes data beyond human visual processing.

3. Improved capacity

Another interesting feature you get with 5G technology is the enhanced capacity. This means that the technology gives fertile ground for IoT development with 1000 times more capacity than 4G LTE.

It can connect many devices, making it a complete and functional network for vast industries.

Compatibility With Your Phone Set

Consumers are worried to know whether their phones can support 5G technology or not. Sites like The B2B Crowd get such queries so that they can receive the best responses. However, only a few phones can support the new technology. If your phone is marketed as 5G phone, then it can only support a few 5G versions.

Also, not every phone marketed as 5G can perform likewise. This means that the phones need to be 5G-ensured so that they can be compatible with the technology to provide efficient services.

It is also said that many phones like iPhone 12, Galaxy S20 5G, etc. claim to comply with 5G standards, but they still have some issues. The trouble is the support of mmWave. Technologists say that this wireless spectrum is extremely fast but can’t travel far while cannot penetrate buildings.

This clearly means that 5G technology is not compatible with dense areas where there are many buildings constructed.

In this way, Apple Inc. announced to expand the support in almost 55 cities of the U.S. So, if you belong to one of these, you are really lucky to have this offer in hands.

Will You Really Benefit From 5G Coverage?

Well, the question is definitely worth responding to. We have already tested and used several wireless network generations and witnessed the carrier’s coverage map. However, it is quite difficult to understand that the concept itself is portrayed.

For instance, Verizon’s 5G map uses color coding, which shows typical areas covered by 5G technology. Also, it uses a pulsating maroon dot, which clearly indicates some parts of areas that support mmWave.

So, this is the best way to figure out if you really want a mmWave phone and your area supports the coverage. This will save you from spending a lot without experiencing any difficulty.

Key Takeaways

5G is definitely a great revolution in the present time. We have been witnessing many ups and downs in using 4G LTE, but 5G technology guarantees to improve every loophole with its promising services. However, the coverage is limited, which may affect user experience to a great extent. So, if you are planning to invest in these phones, better you look at its coverage map. You will be safe from spending a lot if your area doesn’t support mmWave. But yeah, the new phones seem to be tempting and amazing to us.


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