Advantages of Cellular PVC Products and Important Steps In Choosing PVC Pipes

Advantages of Cellular PVC Products and Important Steps

Low Maintenance Alternative To Wood

PVC or Polyvinyl chloride has long been recognized as one of the most durable and one among the best building materials which are very installer-friendly. Cellular PVC trim is also not a new idea and existed since 1970. Among homeowners and building professionals, they are a popular choice, and many recent developments in manufacturing techniques and processing aids are used to enhance the usage of Cellular PVC Products.

Why Homeowners Love Them?

• It is virtually maintenance free
• Complements all exterior cladding materials, including vinyl, wood, concrete, fiber cement, and brick
• It is lightweight and durable
• It can be easily installed using ordinary woodworking tools

A choice for Architects and Builders too?

• It can be heated and formed into curved shapes for architectural windows and custom designs
• Cellular PVC products have advantages over solid rigid vinyl
• For many applications – An excellent substitute for wood products

Cellular PVC Vs. Solid – What’s the better choice to make?

It is less dense than solid rigid PVC and also more economical. With the surging of wood rates, it is also a more cost-effective, eco-friendly and better substitute than many other available choices. It is maintenance free, rot resistance, requiring no priming or painting. When compared to pine, they outperform regarding strength, water absorption and resistance to burning.

Why PVC Pipes?

In 2014, a survey by Think Pipes Think PVC in which 100 industry professionals including engineers, architects, and builders; expressed their views about what factors are most important when choosing PVC pipe materials for Stormwater, DWV/ Sewerage, and Clean Water projects.

1. Lower cost of PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes are significantly lower in price and efficient in usage. Carefully calculate all installation costs, weight, and transportation expenses.

2. Proven Longevity

A few overseas studies have shown that the life expectancy of PVC pipes is more than 110 years and there is an established performance record of over 50 years in Australia.

3. Corrosion Resistance

Unlike metal piping, PVC pipes are usually rust-free and do not corrode over time because it does not react with air and water the way metal does, resulting in a longer lifetime.

Often, leaks and breaks in old-technology pipe materials threaten our ability to provide safe drinking water and essential sanitation services both today and in future generations.


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