B2B Marketing and Emotions

B2B Marketing and Emotions

There are tons of purchasing decisions which are plainly emotional in nature – be it selecting a possible venue for your wedding, selecting a pet for adoption, or purchasing the home of your dreams.

Since these decisions are emotional in nature, there’s a perception among the people that the decisions which are not personal in nature are not affected by our emotions, at all.

To be fair, the misapprehension is quite common in the B2B marketing. However, it is not that far from the truth. You might be selling your idea or a product to other business firms, but that firm is also driven by people, and if you take a look, there might be someone accountable for making decisions in buying your service or product over your competitor’s.

It does not matter what the facts and numbers show on the table; there are people out there still willingly making decisions based on their choices and emotion.


Emotions are the reason why people line-up in massive queues to purchase the latest version of iPhones despite the availability of other products with the same specifications at a lower price. This works in the same manner for B2B marketing.

Humans are driven by emotions when making decisions. It is a part of our nature, and we really can’t do anything about it.

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the most effective strategies which you can use to increase the emotion for your message in marketing.

1) Color Theory:

The nature of color as it is associated with marketing is an entirely different area to consider when reaching out setting an emotional tone for the content you are planning to create.

Even though the impact color has emotionally is more widely based on cultural effects and experience, while there are a few standards that are quite true all over the board.

The essential thing to understand is that color undoubtedly plays a vital role and should always be considered when you are planning to send an emotional message to your customers.

2) Integrate Storytelling in Your Messaging:

The most effective content strategy for developing a connection emotionally with an audience comes with the power of storytelling.

Stories are created to connect and develop a visual picture for the reader. A decent story makes the audience interested making them a co-creator of the message you are delivering to the people. They make your content more intriguing to read.

However, it has been assumed that storytelling is regarded as one of those strategies that at times get characterized to B2C. However, the stories can be used on any brand; you need to understand the personas behind it.

For compelling storytelling, it is essential that a writer draws a picture instigating the accurate solution for the brand.

3) Hold on the Price:

This is the crucial advice which I have been given by many experts in the past few years. This is quite an effective strategy for product marketing online, and there are a few cases to prove it.

The most renowned which I can think of is the SaaS website, for instance, is the pricing.  The customers in China B2B marketplace are searching out to differentiate the products through different facts like capabilities, prices, and features. However, if you make the pricing an alternative for your top navigation, the audience you have will dive straight into it and bypass the content for your marketing.

5) Emphasize on the Benefits Not on The Features:

Since I have emphasized over a few things back in the pricing section, the fact stays inevitable that majority of the customers in B2B search out for features for differentiation. If they are shopping for different products, there’s a high chance that they will differentiate the products from different vendors.

However, looking from the perspective of an emotional marketer, you can catch the attention by stating the essential facts but also the results from the facts in the form of features.


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