5 Optimal Tools for B2B Sales Professionals

tools for B2B sale

Believe it or not, 80% of B2B marketers report that all their efforts geared towards lead generation are effective to some extent only. An enormous amount of work is performed to develop strategies, but very little attention is given to why most of them fail to work. The best tools for B2B sales are among one the strategies that help marketers to achieve targets.

The marketing team and sales representatives are not always on the same page. And lead quality is not the only thing that’s questioned.

According to research by IDC, up to 40% of marketing material is not utilized by sales representatives. The prime reason behind it is that the sales team is usually not able to either locate or access the marketing material when needed. 

By summing up the research, we now know that access to marketing tools can help generate qualified prospects in higher numbers and close more deals successfully.

But there are thousands of marketing tools at your sales team disposal. The only thing we look around is how are marketers figure out which ones are best for your business?

Although every business has its unique nature and needs that demand different sales programs, here’s a list of 5 best sales tools 2020 that can work for any business, and sales professionals must be utilizing them.

1. LinkedIn


For B2B sales professionals, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms. The constant activity on your LinkedIn network can help you stand out among your competitors. According to a study, up to 50% of buyers use LinkedIn when making purchase decisions.

The opportunity is quite clear that LinkedIn offers and not considering it isn’t intuitive by any means. After creating an active LinkedIn profile that is compatible with industry thought leaders, here’s the tool you need:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In a world full of business software solutions, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has successfully cornered a critical market with no match.

Sales Navigator is a key to the largest buyer database where you get spectacular options like targeting, list building, and specific integrations that will make your job easier like never before. We can also see that the sales team behind the International B2B Marketplace uses the best sales tool to facilitate their principal functions.

Besides, when the tool is combined with a high-end CRM, you get an organized, easy to access and never-ending supply of qualified prospects.

2. Autopilot

Autopilot tool

Among all the trending B2B sales tools, Autopilot comes with unique functionality and use cases. It allows you to have full control over directing prospects towards the sales funnel.

You can personalize, automate, and integrate the tool with other apps. Autopilot can keep track of complex paths with unique outreach methods—for instance, SMS and auto-updates to salesforce and many other data sources.

3. Nudge


Nudge happens to be one of the top B2B sales tools among high-end B2B sales professionals. According to a study, 80% of respondents have faith in marketing tools that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) because it triggers work performance and creates jobs.

Nudge uses AI to keep the salesforce updated with actionable insights on targeted prospects. With access to this tool, you will get noticed when the prospects are mentioned anywhere on social media, news, or elsewhere.

Having a B2B sales tools that helps to trigger sales and build customer relationships means a significant proportion of time that was consumed for prospecting can now be invested in selling.



best tools for B2B sales

A tool that makes execution and organization of commands and tasks easier is a cherry on top of all the sales software-oriented tools. IFTTT is an abbreviation for “If This Then That” and it’s a web-based free tool that works as a helping hand when it comes to posting the same content on several social platforms.

Other than that, IFTTT can automate many other web application tasks and boast several commanding features and tasks that can be performed on various services or apps that are majorly used by prospects.

5. Salesloft

best tools for B2B sales

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform but not a casual one. This is going to be a powerful addition to the sales team collection. Some huge names are using this B2B sales tools including Facebook, Dell, Cisco, and Namely.

The best B2B sales tools caters to customized sales communication and comes to a few tweaks like a trendy email touch that integrates with Outlook & Gmail. Other key features include one-click calling that helps you connect with more buyers and data-driven reports.

Wrap Up

Your sales team is aimed towards generating the qualified lead insignificant amount and closing most of them successfully. Luckily marketing tools can make the task a lot easier when used right. All these tools have the potential to meet your versatile business requirements by enhancing multiple sales aspects like brand visibility, B2B lead generation, outreach, and customer relationship. 


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