Why Many B2B Social Media Programs Fail to Generate Real Leads


Clearly and simply, the intention of all B2B marketplace as they display their presence on social media; is to attract viable new business prospects and influencers. Little do they know that by doing this, they are not gaining what they really should through the robust platform of social media – If social media is done rightly by companies it highly benefits them in many ways, not just in generating leads or maximizing revenues.

The focus of our article is to show you a direction for success, beyond just brand maintenance; disguised as a social media strategy and in fact, there are significant opportunities.

Why Using Brand Maintenance is risky to Generate Leads?

There’s a faulty assumption associated with the planning and implementation of programs. For instance, if a company has a website and there are social media icons there; visitors can just click on them and start following the activity of the business they are interested in on the most popular of networks. There might also be information about other social events, press releases, and more, but – the reality check is – will your business prospects and investors/purchasers be able to locate you among the dense clutter of social media wave your business is in?

Well, if you want to connect with qualified potential customers or clients, strategic partners, industry influencers, or the media and generate offline conversations for your business development or sales team, you’re going to have to work a little harder.

What’s The Structure Of A Feasible LinkedIn Program?

Most B2B LinkedIn programs face problems in generating leads because they lack vital components that lead to real results. Here’s a list of few important ones:

A productive strategy that includes measurable, sales-supporting goals with an understanding of the target audience, positioning, messaging, and a method of evaluating the program performance.

Do not wait that from among a vast entourage of 450million members they will reach you. Locate your target audience and reach out often, with connection invitations, one-on-one messages, and group communication.

The ultimate goal of LinkedIn is to make relationships on this network practical and implement them into your marketing funnel.

We are not saying that brand maintenance programs don’t have value. Yes, some prospects will come looking for you so always have well-maintained, professional-looking pages, be very active and participative to give a good impression to them – enough to make them contact you.


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