Tips To Register A Baidu Account From Outside China Without Chinese Phone Number

Baidu Account From Outside China

Many users from all around the world wish to register a Baidu account without having a Chinese phone number. It is a considerable risk but not impossible too. 

If you want your website to appear in the Chinese search engine, then Baidu registration is essential. You will have to go through different stages to register a Baidu account successfully. In this process, you also have to submit your website to the Baidu Webmaster Tool. It will let your website appear in the Chinese search engine, and many users in China can access your site easily. 

Moreover, a Baidu account also facilitates its users in a variety of ways. But first, you need to register a Baidu account in just a few simple steps. 

Get To Know Baidu 

Like many popular search engines, Baidu is a Chinese-only search engine. It is one of the leading search engines in China that lists several websites and businesses for the vast population in the country. 

Chinese tend to search for any website only on Baidu. Hence, many entrepreneurs from different countries have a desire to acquire Baidu account registration. This is because it will allow them to expand their online business in China, where the population is extremely vast. 

How To Register A Baidu Account From Outside China?

Simple Baidu Registration 

Baidu registration is also possible with the simple method. You don’t have to do anything to acquire a Baidu account. It will only you to provide some required details, and you are all done.

  1. Click on this link and get started 
  2. Translate the page language into English
  3. Select the desired country code 
  4. Enter your valid phone number 
  5. Enter a username and password 
  6. Click on “send verification code”, which will be sent to your phone number 
  7. Once the verification code is received, could you enter it in the given textbox?
  8. Read and agree to Baidu’s terms and conditions 
  9. Click on the button to proceed to Baidu registration 

It is the easiest way to create a Baidu account. However, several users outside China are unable to register a Baidu account because they don’t receive a verification code. Even the businesses registered to international B2B marketplace also try to get a Baidu account but have to face such challenges in the end. 

In this way, the users can opt the second method to complete Baidu registration quickly. 

Baidu Registration For Overseas 

After dealing with several unsuccessful attempts, you will have to give this method a chance. This is how you can complete Baidu registration without having a Chinese phone number:

  1. The other way around is to create a Baidu account through Baidu Cloud Login. Click on this link to get started 
  2. Now, select a country code that is appearing in the drop-down list. Make sure that your country code is present in the list and only that way you can proceed further 
  3. Enter a valid phone number and request for a dynamic password 
  4. After completing the previous step, you will get an automated message on your phone number. It will contain a dynamic password that you requested earlier
  5. Enter the dynamic password in the given area and click on the login button
  6. You will get a popup message stating that your number is not registered before. Hence, you have to click on register now
  7. Now, you have to prove that you are human and perform necessary steps for verification 
  8. Once the verification is successfully completed, you will see a new screen,[3
  9.  i.e. Baidu AI Cloud 
  10. Fill out all the required details to proceed further 
  11. You also have to associate an e-mail address. Go to the settings and follow the next steps 
  12. Access the account settings 
  13. Right next to the envelope sign, you will notice an e-mail symbol. Click the link to proceed 
  14. It will again require verification, and you will see the phone number on the screen. Request for the code, and you will receive the message on your phone number 
  15. Once received, enter the code in the required area. Now, you can add the e-mail address, and it will bind the e-mail address with your account
  16. Go back to Baidu AI Cloud and refresh the page. It will now show you all the details entered for creating the account 
  17. Now, fill out the remaining fields and click next
  18. You will be directed to a new page that has to be translated into English. Now, go to authentication on the left side of the page 
  19. Create your login credentials for Baidu account 
  20. Now that your account is now created, and you will notice a score on your screen. This is the account security score, which tells the extent of security of your account
  21. You can verify your account by logging back to the Baidu login page


Do you see there was no rocket science in creating a valid Baidu account? On your own website, you can add the link to Baidu Webmasters tools and get started. This procedure might belong for you, but it will help you in availing a new opportunity in Chinese platform. 


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