Six Effective Ways For Suppliers To Earn Buyer Loyalty Through Ecommerce

buyer loyalty

We always think of every buyer’s attribute but hardly pay attention to its loyalty. Why? Maybe because loyalty doesn’t come with our efforts. It all depends on a buyer whether he is satisfied with a company’s services. They build this and many other perceptions regarding buyer loyalty for elevating the business’s level.

Nothing is right in these perceptions. Every supplier has to invest in buyer loyalty to get better results. If you want to acquire new buyers, serve existing buyers better.

The marketing statistics completely stress on the fact that if a supplier aims to increase buyer loyalty by 5%, it will notice an increase in profits by 25 to 95%.

In this way, it becomes necessary for a supplier to look at the profitable ways that can simply influence buyer loyalty to a great extent.

With this comes several benefits. For instance, your hard work and consistency can let you rank among the top companies in the China B2B marketplace.

We know many suppliers wish to become a part of such platforms. But this is achievable if you pay heed to these simple tips to improve ecommerce.

How To Earn Buyer Loyalty Through Ecommerce?

1. Improve your customer service

According to the buyer feedback, 84% of buyers indicated effective customer service in influencing their buying decision. Also, 95% of buyers clearly mentioned that effective customer service is significant for brand loyalty.

The statistics ensure that if a supplier keeps its buyers happy with efficient customer service, the buyers will remain loyal to the company. It means that the customer service must act upon strategies that ensure consistency, reliable, resilient, and problem solving.

However, customer service is not a piece of cake for every supplier. Since you have to handle a lot of other operations, you can look out for professional help to run your business effectively.

2. Introduce discount offers

Who doesn’t love to avail discounts and remain in touch with the company for more offers?

This is something that increases sales while retaining existing buyers. Not only this, but new buyers also notice the interesting services offered to the target audience, which increases their belief in you.

You can always think of surprising ways to earn buyer loyalty. The discount offers can turn hearts towards your business and it will get to see more conversions than before.

The slightest discount can change the game. Value your buyers’ needs and offer them discounts to make them buy from your company without having a second thought.

3. Encourage buyers to buy from you

Suppliers don’t always have interesting strategies to create an impact. They don’t perform like B2C companies, thus, the only solution is to stick to one plan and keep praying to get the results.

Perhaps you can break the ice if you have a better plan to offer big to your buyers.

Sometimes, not every buyer buys from your platform. There comes the passersby who look around the ecommerce site and find nothing eye-catching.

Now comes the biggest strategy to influence buyer loyalty. Don’t worry if a buyer has bought nothing from your company. You can give them a nudge so they don’t neglect your services at any cost.

Buyers often wait for suppliers to offer them with something interesting. This reason convinces them to buy from your company and meet their needs instantly. So, take the risk and let them avail a big offer from you.

4. Start a loyalty program

There is one more thing that can create an impact in the buyers’ community. A loyalty program is something that brings buyers to the platform from time to time.

This strategy has always granted absolute results to several companies. You can also be the chosen one if you prefer a loyalty program over anything conventional.

No matter how many times a buyer purchases anything from your company, a loyalty program will encourage him to return for some more shopping.

Can you smell some more profits than ever? Absolutely right! A loyalty program can simply change your life if you know how it works and can bring several opportunities at your doorstep.

Keep in mind that all buyers love being appreciated. The best loyalty program is all you need to encourage your buyers to come back for more shopping and get appreciation at every check out.

5. Work harder for user-generated content

 There is a vast difference between an influencer content and user-generated content. Perform extensive research to know which content improves buyer loyalty.

Well, the research says that user-generated content is more effective for buyers than influencer-generated content. It means it works 9.8 times better than other content in the business industry.

If you aim to supply more in the market, consider user-generated content. This is because it is more impactful and drives sales than anything else. The content is pre-prepared, which is absolutely easy for the social team.

Not only this, but the buyers can share their experiences with a global audience without a hassle. You should not take this method for granted because it is the best way to attract more buyers and improve buyer loyalty too.

6. Share success with the audience

Finally, you should always have something great to share with your audience. Since the buyers want to know your efforts and achievements, you should work on storytelling.

Buyer loyalty also comes with a success story. If you use your ecommerce platform to compel your buyers and broadcast your achievements, you will notice an increased buyer loyalty beyond expectations.

So, try to achieve as many things as you can and make your buyers believe in your victory.


Like all businesses, suppliers need to look around and work on the right strategies. If you want to attract more buyers and keep them for a longer time, you have to work on these points. It will help you in elevating the company’s rank in the competitive industry of your niche.


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