Customer Success Stories and how they help in Generating Sales

Customer Success Stories and how they help in Generating Sales

The B2B marketers today are engulfed with the number of content they can make in a single day. From videos, eBooks to the blog posts, content marketers can do it all.

With different kinds of content existing out there, how much are you aware of the content perfectly fitting into the niche for marketers? How much of these content is authentic and reliable enough to generate sales and revenue their profits?

One primary form of content that is coming out rapidly is the success stories provided by the clients and customers. Whether in the video format or content form, the success stories given by the customers generate enough leads as per their requirements and needs – a proof that the services or products generate results efficiently.

Below are some of the exciting statistics showings how investing in the success for customers’ content may prove efficient for the B2B marketplace:

1) According to research conducted by Gartner, by the end of 2020, 85 percent of the interactions customers make with the brands will take place without communicating with a human.

Previously, the customers would email, write letters, or call an organization and communicate with the sales representatives when they desired to attain information about the services and products they were seeking.

However, today, there’s no need to call the sales representatives and spend time on the phone communicating with them and waiting for an answer from the sales representatives. Today, the sales reps research about the information you’re seeking and only contact you back when you have finalized your decision.

As per the report generated by HubSpot, it has been assumed that majority of the buyers today wait until they are 60 percent ahead during the process of purchasing before contacting any sales reps.

2) According to a study conducted by the Software Advice, the buyers purchasing the software who took feedback from their competitors and buyers are 2.5 times more pleased with the products they have purchased.

Publishing testimonials and case studies help you retain the customers and win the sales effectively.

3) According to Google, 60 percent of the buyers online search out for competitor reviews and testimonials given by other users.

Organizations may entice interest among the clients with informative content educating them and answering their queries throughout the complete stage of the sales cycle.

According to research conducted by Tech Target, it has been estimated that nearly 65 percent of the buyers in IT require almost four pieces of content for shortlisting the possible vendors. The rule is simple, the more content you produce, and the more chance you have for your name in front of the targeted buyers at the right time.

4) A study conducted by hawkeye indicated that 71 percent of the buyers in B2B in the stages of awareness and nearly 77 percent in the stages for evaluation cited case studies and testimonials as the most efficient and informative content types.

Case studies and testimonials are valuable and informative during all the phases of the sales process.


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