Difference between B2C and B2B Customer Support

Difference between B2C and B2B Customer Support

In today’s modern world, customer support is crucial in keeping your prospect happy and retaining them for the future. Now, if you are a B2C business, you wouldn’t specific customers come and go buying your products. However, when it comes to running an international B2B marketplace, you need to focus your customer support on building a long-term relationship with your prospects.

That is one critical difference between B2C and B2B customer support. However, there are more to come. Read on to find out which ones.

1.More Complex Issues

Complexity if the issues is a crucial difference between the two types of customer support. If we talk about a B2C business, you can expect problems that can be solved instantly. For example, damaged product, or merchandise return. However, this isn’t the same case for B2B companies. B2B prospects usually only contact the seller when they face a more complicated issue. For example, if you are selling software products, the customer may reach out to you due to a major malfunction.

2.Client Familiarity

B2B companies tend to produce long-term relationships with their potential customers. It’s entirely different to how B2C companies engage with their buyers. B2C companies face many consumers and are usually involved in short conversations which reduce all chances of building any sort of relationship. On the other hand, B2B marketplaces spend extensive time and efforts in earning the B2B buyer’s trust and in getting to know them better.

When a B2B buyers contact’s the B2B portal, the representative should already have all the necessary details of the prospect in advance. However, you need to use a customer support program for such case, as this software lets you store all aspects of your clients.

3.Larger clients, more contacts

When it comes to dealing with B2C prospects, usually your representative will face one person per query. However, B2B buyers are basically businesses who may have many people approaching. Your customer support staff on some issues. Therefore, when it comes to running a B2B customer support team, you need to make sure that your representatives are trained to deal with qualified personals.

4.Customer Support an Important Part of Marketing

B2C companies don’t have to rely on customer service representatives to promote products most of the time. Usually, B2B prospect calls or join live chats to know about a particular product or place a complaint related to their product.

On the other hand, B2B prospects call up just to have all the information they can about your products and services. In such a case, your customer support team is responsible for marketing all your products and highlighting all the key features of it. I’m pretty sure you’d want a salesperson to be there at that very moment as they are experts in converting potential leads. Though that may not be possible, you can still train your customer support agents and help them become sales export. They should know when to throw their sales pitch and how to convince a lead to convert.


In today’s modern digital world, customers are considered the kings of the market. All businesses, regardless of the fact that they are B2C or B2B marketplaces, need to produce a team of competent and helpful customer service representatives.

The points mentioned above show how different your approach should be when running a B2C or B2B portal. However, at the end of the day, both types of business models need to have an operating customer support department. Or else, you may receive poor reviews and eventually lose your prospects.


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