Effective SEO Tips to Increase Your B2B Sales


In today’s modern B2B business environment, you can’t even imagine ignoring B2B digital marketing techniques for quality lead generation and sale. However, many ecommerce business owners often miss out on using SEO lead generation techniques in their marketing strategy. To be precise, SEO for B2B is not an add-on, it’s actually a crucial aspect for organic lead generation.

You can’t imagine seeing a rise in your online B2B sales until you surge SEO traffic. SEO should be the principal of how you implement other B2B digital marketing techniques like content creation, social strategy and web development.

If that doesn’t influence you, take a look at this,

Over 3.5 billion searches are made on Google per day. That’s more than 40,000 per second! Imagine the traffic you can generate by getting ranked on the first page for specific keywords and search phrases.


If you aren’t entirely aware with what SEO does, then I’d like to make it clear that this B2B digital marketing strategy helps merely your web pages reach the top of every search related to your products or brand. When you have ranked anyplace on the first page, your click-through proportion has a better chance of growing.

We can even call it human nature now! I mean, don’t you click on the links that appear on the first page? I’m pretty sure you do!

That means your ultimate goal should be to capture that Numero Uno position though that isn’t a walk in the park! Here are a few tips on B2B SEO marketing to increase both your organic B2B lead generation and B2B sales.

1.      Primary Keywords in the Right Place

In order for your keyword to have any chance of getting a good rank, you have to make sure that your keyword is mentioned at least once in the following areas;

★ Post Title
★ Page URL
★ Meta Title
★ Meta Description
★ Content

Although this is a crucial aspect that should never be ignored by any B2B SEO expert, you have to do it smartly. Surprisingly, the flip side of the technique is known as one of the biggest SEO mistakes that you should avoid. It’s called keyword stuffing. As a B2B SEO expert, you have to make sure that your content should be targeted to human readers. In order for that to happen, it should flow naturally and make every keyword look natural and valuable. – Balance is crucial to make the most out of it!

2.      Manually Add Pages to Google

If your website is new, or you’ve made some changes in the content of a specific web page, there are times when it won’t get indexed as fast as you want. If your page doesn’t get indexed, you’ll never get any keywords ranked, and eventually, you’ll end up with no traffic. However, you can manually get your pages indexed by requesting Google crawlers to view your page. All you have to do is use the Google Search Console, formerly known as the Webmaster tool. Simply add the URL you want to get indexed, and Google will go through it ASAP!

3.      Use Internal Links

Internal links are highly beneficial for a website. Not only do they help readers move from one page to another, but it also helps in improving your rank on Google. Internal linking is a great SEO technique as it helps reduce your bounce rate and boosts your website’s average user time. These two figures can be seen in with the Google Analytics tool. As a B2B SEO expert, your job is to make sure all the reports shown in Google Analytics are good. Therefore, make sure your use internal links.

4.      Content is King

Yes, SEO is essential in getting your site ranked on Google. However, if you have exceptional content on your website, your life will get a lot easier. Google is always hungry for informative and high-quality content. In fact, you’ll even see many web pages that get ranked without you even using SEO techniques on them, if the content is engaging and effective enough. However, SEO is primarily used to polish that piece of content. Your optimization process will increase its probability of ending up anywhere on the first page, or even in the first position.

Make sure all your content is error-free and unique. Any sign of plagiarized material will only get your website a penalty that can result in a drop of rank on all your website. Or, in some cases, if too much content is found to be copied your site may even get flagged, leading to all your pages being removed from Google. Though content is what can help you drive in a race, if misused it can throw you out of the competition instantly!


The tips mentioned above are crucial to helping your Online B2B marketplace generate an excellent online presence leading to more B2B sales. As a B2B SEO expert, you have to make sure that all your web pages are optimized and have the right keywords. In addition, ensure that all the content on your site is of high-quality and is informative. Once your website is SEO optimized and has the right content, you’ll eventually witness your keywords, and web pages get a good rank on Google, and other search engines like Bing and Baidu leading to more B2B sales.


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