Expansion of Lubricants Industry – What to expect in 2020 and how to increase sales

Lubricants Industry

The overall Oils, Grease and Lubricants industry, particularly one in the Saudi sector has experienced a steady development from the immense support gained via the government because it considers profitable to invest here since growth prospects are higher regarding achieving strategic and economic objectives of the Kingdom.

Efforts and developments need to be concentrated in the creation of required infrastructure, the establishment of industrial cities all over the Kingdom.

Uses of Lubricants

For lubricating internal combustion engines in different types of automotive, engine oils are widely used. Even, for applications, such as wear reduction, corrosion protection, and ensuring smooth operation of the engine internals.


The oils function by creating a thin film between the moving parts for enhancing heat transfer and reducing tension during contact of the parts.

How To Get Success in sales

For businesses to achieve success in the oil & lubricants sector, here are some note-worthy points.

• Identify strategic regions that you would like to start with, take baby steps before you develop an international presence.
• Gather relevant and strong intelligence about your current competitive positioning and do your business’s SWOT.
• Consideration of the pros and cons of a relatively small set of strategic actions, to help improve that position, and the advancement of a set of recommendations based on this analysis. For example: In North America and Europe the lubricants market is rather flat- so you should look into the market development within the BRICS countries. (Countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and Angola are becoming market players and Now is a great time to get the ball rolling by moving your products into these new territories).
• Be creative and identify a niche segment. Choose main market segments such as marine, automotive power generation, etc.
• Understand the customers and their purchasing power.

Some Important tips:

• Thoroughly identify the significant competitors in the Oils, Grease & Lubricants market.
• The end-user isn’t spoiled with a consultative selling approach.
• Find and work with people who have a great passion for their industry (Oils, Grease & Lubricants).


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