Facebook Adverts Vs. Google Ads – The Best Online Marketing Platform


Facebook is a social media network and communication site where we can post photos, comment, and even share links of fascinating content on the web. That means you can share anything you like so that all your friends and family members can also see it. On the other hand, Google is a search engine that can be utilized to discover sites, pictures, maps, and even the latest news. Apart from that, both these platforms have evolved into becoming major marketing sectors that even the most extensive online B2B marketplaces rely on. In addition, all major B2B marketing agencies focus on these paid marketing channels to generate leads and conversions.

Though there are many ways a business can market their B2B platform, today we’ll be focusing on Google and Facebook only. It’s a battle between the number one search engine and the number one social media channel.


Formerly known as Google AdWords, is a paid marketing platform known for being highly efficient in boosting your sales.

The advances in innovation throughout the years has given us advertisers and even customers a higher number of decisions than we could have imagined in our lifetime. Accordingly, it has changed how we find, convey, and get data. It has even changed how to look for and buy items today. Google is a web index that is utilized online clients to scan for everything without exception under the sun. A large number of best outcomes identifying with items, tips, recordings, neighborhoods organizations and significantly more in a small amount of a second.


If Google Ads are famous as paid search, at that point, Facebook Ads most certainly have been given the title of a paid social marketing platform. Changing customer practices and examples have offered an increase to online life that let shoppers interface with their companions, voice worries about their encounters, and connect with points and organizations they like.

Facebook Ads stay well known among numerous entrepreneurs as they offer the capacity to locate your objective client and make known to individuals who are in reality interested in buying your item. Something that relatively few promoting stages can give, in any event not in as unbelievable of detail.

Facebook is particular in the case of the audience as almost everyone uses so advertisement there will attract customers who need or uses that. Facebook uses a tool called lookalike audiences that will let you advertise to the ones who are your targeted audience.  It allows you to reach new people based on your existing audience. Based on people who have liked your page or who are already interested in your business, you can create and expand your audience by targeting people who share the same interests and behavior as your existing audience. It is an exciting targeting feature that will allow you to reach people that might be interested in your products and services, even if you don’t have any data about their interests and demographics


Facebook uses the data we search for matching your customers to related users. You can use any pictures, videos, and many more to attract customers, if you own an ecommerce business, then Facebook will be a better platform than Google.

On the other hand, making more sales as fast as possible is your objective then google ads might be the better decision. But if you are hoping to grow brand acknowledgment or contact a more extensive crowd, then again, Facebook Ads might be the better decision.

Next, think about your customer’s industry. Both B2B and B2C organizations use Google Ads effectively. Facebook Ads regularly work better for B2C organizations, particularly those selling more affordable things, since individuals are bound to suddenly purchase these items in the wake of being presented to them a couple of times. Be that as it may, although for B2B there will be openings on Facebook Ads – particularly for retargeting or same crowds.

Your customer’s gathering of people additionally influences which stage you are supposed to pick. Do individuals search for your customer’s the same old thing to purchase? Provided that this is true, Google Ads will likely bring the best outcomes. Be that as it may, if your clients are trying to build their audience for a new product, Facebook will work better.

Facebook Ads stay well known among varieties of business as they offer the capacity to point your target customers and advertise to individuals who are in reality will buy your item or services. Something that very few advertising stages can give, in any event not in as extraordinary of detail.


When you have to decide between Facebook Ads and Google Ads for your business, first you need to take a step back and understand what you are looking to achieve from your investment and your available marketing budget. These are the two critical factors when bearing in mind which channel is best. The other elements are also essential and supposed to help to support your decision on what is best for your company or brand.

All in all, use retargeting to maximize the impact of both Facebook Ads and Google Ads. You’ve seen it, I’m sure. You visited a landing page or website, browsed around and left without doing any other thing. But it didn’t end there.

The next day you keep seeing ads for the same website or company. It is retargeting at work.

To ensure that your ads spending did not go wasted, you need to take retargeting seriously. Whether you’re a small business owner or you manage a larger team, follow your customers, educate and nurture them. With Facebook Ads, it’s super easy.


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