Five car accessories that can make a difference

best car gadgets

Getting a new car is always exciting but revamping your current vehicle can be even more interesting if you use some useful car accessories – some that you never thought you needed but they are so awesome as you have them around you while you enjoy your ride. For some people enhancing automobile interiors & having the right car accessories is a passion

1. Magnetic Phone Mound

It is universal for all cell phones and usually fits into your car’s CD slot or even on the windscreen. Attaches your phone to a strong magnet and you don’t need to install it. A handy accessory these days, as it gives you the ease to use your phone, (in particular answering calls) while you drive.

2. Portable Battery

With technology taking an essential place in our lives, our lives – we are surrounded by devices, especially smartphones. With this accessory you can never run out of battery for your phones and your car too. It also has a built-in LED flashlight and what’s best is that it’s rechargeable. One thing you will never regret keeping in your trunk at all times.

3. Flat tire spray

Ever experienced your worst with a flat tire in the middle of the road and no help? Well, this is a great for anyone as you can change a flat tire yourself super quick anywhere. It safe and also saves your rims from getting bent.

4. Car seat organizer

If you love road trips or travel far, this cool accessory can keep things very neat in your vehicle. Your kids can be happy and entertained; there will be little or no messy situation! Between toys, books, snacks, you can make it all easy now.

5. Car Neck support pillow

Need to rest as you drive? These super comfortable neck supporters for the car, comes in different types and you can feel relaxed with this neck support system in your car as you drive along or sleep while he journey is complete.


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