Five Creative Ways to Amplify Your Web Traffic

Five Creative Ways to Amplify Your Web Traffic

Low traffic is a common problem many B2B marketing experts face in the modern business environment. When people suggest that having a website for your business is essential, it doesn’t mean that your site will manage itself. It’s your job to make that website popular by promoting it with various marketing techniques. That’s how you have any chance of generating enough traffic to see a reasonable number of sales. Well, we’ve done most of the work for you by putting together this list of five of the best ways to boost your web traffic and help your B2B marketplace grow.


SMM (social media marketing) is a digital marketing technique that you can use with ease to make your website build its online presence. All you have to do is maintain your company profiles and engage with all your followers. In addition, whenever you add a new product or a blog post, you can share them on your profiles to generate traffic. The top social media platforms you can use are, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and even Pinterest. Our advice is to target audience through all platforms in order to go with a broader marketing approach.


Headings are one of the first things that a reader sees. Believe it or not, your headlines are what will convince a potential visitor to stay and read the full article. They just can’t stop themselves from reading it as the title seems interesting to them. One thing that you should note here is that if you don’t have a compelling heading, I’m afraid even the most comprehensive blog will be ignored.


SEO (search engine optimization) is a stepping stone that’ll lead your site to get listed on the top search engines. If you really want to see your traffic rise significantly, you have to optimize all your web pages by making it SEO friendly. Google, being the top search engine ranks website according to certain ranking factors. Your job as a B2B marketer is to know all these aspects and work on them. On-page, being the easiest way to start, is very important as the first thing Google will analyze is your website.

Once your keywords start getting ranked on the first page, you’ll begin to experience immense traffic in no time.


Have you ever heard the following statement, “content is king”? Well, that’s true. If you really want your website to grow in value, you have to publish high-quality content. However, apart from working on internal blogs, you also have to work on an external approach. There are many sites on the internet that accept guest blogs.

A guest blog is written to share your knowledge and experience on a topic to the audience of another site. What do you get in return? A backlink! Backlinks are great traffic generators. If your blog is useful people would love to read more of your work. That’s when they are interested in the backlink that you have used in the post. However, there is more to it!

Quality backlinks are an excellent ranking factor that Google gives importance to. Websites that have good backlinks from the site with high DA (domain authority) and DR (domain rating) have higher chances of getting ranked better. However, guest blogging isn’t always free. You’ll find many sites that even charge money for every link you wish to add — no harm in paying though as the benefits are pretty impressive.


Though all marketing techniques have their own benefits and effectiveness, a blend can always boost your campaign — for example, every time you publish a new blog there as to be a way to inform all your potential clients about the new article. The great idea is to use the email list you’ve generated from people who subscribed for your newsletter. These subscribers are your followers, and they wouldn’t mind receiving emails that’s why they shared it in the first place. Send them all the updates regarding your new blogs. Mention the headline in the email as well to capture their attention. This technique can definitely boost both your email and content marketing outcomes and generate lots of traffic for your B2B platform.


Without web traffic, you can’t expect to generate leads of conversions on your B2B platform. In order to make sure your B2B lead generation runs smoothly, you have to market your websites with the five creative ways mentioned above.


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