Four Chat Tools to Improve Internal Communication in Your Small Business


Are you looking for a robust solution to improve communication in your small business? Chat tools can be the best option. Chat tools are more comfortable than making a call and faster than sending an email. This convenient communication option is especially useful for sending a memo, asking quick questions, an even for instantly shooting an idea. In addition, these chat tools can also be utilized for project management, file sharing, video and audio calls, reminders, and much more.

If you know anything about using a chat tool, I’m pretty sure you still remember using MSN Messenger or the Yahoo Messenger. However, both these platforms were grounded in 2014 and 2016 respectively. The good news is that we’ve have done the digging for you to bring you four of the best chat tools you can use in 2018.

1. HipChat

This user-friendly chat tool is our first pick due to its robust appearance and instant messaging facility. In addition, this chat tool also allows you to share files, share screens, create group chats and even indulge in a video conference with your peers. It’s also compatible with various third-party platforms like Google Apps, Facebook App, Salesforce and Dropbox. Therefore, you can rely on this solution to become your company’s ultimate communication network

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft can never fall behind in providing a useful solution. The Microsoft Teams is a chat tool that directly aligns with the Office 365 subscription. This all-round solution creates an advance digital workplace where all employees can collaborate in finishing specific tasks. You are free to invite others using this tool to chat with you, and you can also connect with Skype through it. If your B2B marketplace is based on all Microsoft tools, then this solution is perfect for you.

3. Google Hangouts Chat

The chat tool that was initially launched as a consumer app has been transformed into a business tool that lets you connect with all significant G Suite Apps. These apps include Docs, Calendar, Mail, Drive, Slides and Sheets. This chat app offers one-to-one conversations with threaded messages as well.
In addition, Google is also working on creating a built-in AI bot that’ll work within this chat tool. If you are planning to have a video conference from this app, you can invite up to 30 individuals to join in. If your company is firmly based on using G Suite apps for all your office work, then Google Hangouts is the best chat tool for you.

4. Campfire

Some portion of the Basecamp venture administration programming, Campfire is a digital chat solution that can be operated online. ¬– No need to install it on your systems! You basically make a secured talk room and welcome colleagues to enter. Users are also permitted to share files during these chat sessions. The following formats are supported in this chat tool, JPG, PNG, GIF, and the three primary Microsoft tools (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint).
The administration likewise accompanies such additional items as conference calls, talk transcripts, and other details for mix with mainstream Windows and Mac software. Notwithstanding the web, Campfire is open on cell phones and through the devoted Campfire iPhone application.


Chat tools have become essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. Every second counts and you can’t afford to waste it. Therefore, we recommend all B2B marketplaces that are low on budget to use one of the top chat tools listed above. Not only will you have a better communication channel, but you can also interact with your clients on the same network. Remove any and all communication gaps that there may be internally in your new business with these helpful and advance chat tools.


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