Gamified Assessments 2020: Take Your Recruitment Process to The Next Level!

Gamified Assessment

If I ask you what changes have you made in your recruitment process over the past few years, what would you say? Probably, you are only going to mention the assessment test that you’ve added or a panel interview to check the candidate’s level of confidence, IQ, and responsiveness. Or, you’ve merely gone paperless by taking interviews online through video conferencing tools. You need a gamified assessment!

Regardless of all these steps you’ve taken to enhance the quality of your hiring process, the elements of biasness and one-day performance are still alive. I mean, anyone can prepare themselves for a one-day test session, but that specific performance can’t predict how productive the person will be as an employee. On the other hand, its human nature to make judgments considering what you see! Your personal perceptions will always get in the way of choosing the best person for the job.

What’s genuinely missing here is a process that can help you choose the best performer. Your B2C or Chinese B2B marketplace really needs to establish a recruitment process that involves cognitive aptitude and behavioral tests like a gamified assessment.

This employee assessment process is a great way to analyze how capable a person is in tackling specific challenges. In addition, you can also get a better view of how they react to particular situations and their willingness and ability to remain focused. Gamified assessment is crucial in the modern tech environment in hiring the best candidate for the job. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more benefits of introducing assessment games in your recruitment process.

5 Reasons to Introduce Gamified Assessments in Your Hiring Process

1. Unbiased Decisions through Gamified Assessments

Recruiters usually end up making biased decisions on the basis of certain factors. To start with, age, experience, education, or simply the weightage of the resume. For example, younger candidates always suffer due to the lack of depth in their resume. Even if they are more talented than someone who has been in the industry for several years, recruiters may ignore you due to a lack of experience. Due to this misconception, as a hiring officer or manager, you’re missing out on the skills your employee can offer to your company.

On the other hand, an employee assessment invites all candidates to enter the same battle arena. These assessment games are free from taking any unfair decisions. In a gamified assessment, you’re only good as your skills and capabilities permit you to be, regardless of what you’ve achieved in the past or stated on your resume. Gamification allows candidates to be evaluated based on their skills and capabilities. This establishes an equal opportunity for everyone to stand out.

2. True Evaluation Of Potential

There are several occasions when candidates don’t do too well in their interviews. Either they’re nervous, or simply lack the confidence to answer questions. Due to this factor, you may actually miss out on an excellent employee just because their resume wasn’t presentable enough, or they couldn’t handle the pressure of the interview.

Gamified assessment, on the other hand, has the ability to evaluate a candidate’s full potential. Wondering why? Well, because we all can play the game. On the other hand, these games are fun, so you have a better chance of performing better.

3. Wider Audience

While posting a new job ad, it’s pretty apparent that you’ll highlight the fundamental skills to apply for the vacancy. That means you’ll be receiving resumes of a limited audience. The chances are that you may not even find someone worthy enough to handle the responsibilities.

However, gamified assessments attract a more wide audience. You’ll even come across people who barely have any work experience, yet possess exceptional skills. Through such assessment games, you may end up with shortlisted candidates that can become the reason behind business growth.

4. Employers May End Up Getting Bored

Even if it’s your job to take the interview and go through resumes, you may end up getting bored some day or another. When that happens, you may make a mistake and either shortlist the wrong candidate or cross out a perfect match.

With the help of employee assessment through games, you may even start to enjoy watching the results. As a recruiter, game results can help you learn several new tactics and decision-making styles that you’ve never seen before. – The element of learning can build your interest and help you become focused.  

This Is The Recruitment Evolution!

Well, for years we’ve followed the traditional methods of hiring new employees, and it’s about time we alter that process. Many worthy candidates get rejected on the basis of their appearance, quality of qualification, experience, and ability to handle pressure in a one-on-one interview session.

However, when it comes to gamified assessments, these factors become fairytales. Your skill and mental strength are your key weapons, and those who have the power to control them will definitely succeed with the best outcomes. Have you tried introducing a gamified assessment? If not, it’s about time you invest in assessment games.


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