Guide to Increase Multi-Channel e-commerce Efficiency

Guide to Increase Multi-Channel e-commerce Efficiency

Many of the B2B marketer or E-commerce sites entrepreneurs think to invest in building a hi-fi website. Furthermore, adding SEO techniques to make it more efficient. That’s all. However, there is another multi-channel of e-commerce that is overlooked. If they are used in conjunction with SEO, there will be tremendous results. 

What are other E-commerce Channels?


It includes email marketing, direct navigation of URLs or bookmarking, and affiliate marketing tactics.


Paid search includes drawing people traffic clicks through pay per click (PPC) toward your website.  You can buy people clicks through Bing and Google search engines. As they drive traffic to your site, it can further lead to conversion and ROI.  One needs to master the keywords management, building keyword levels and rates of conversion, etc.


There are various CSEs with a wide variety of B2B models for B2B Business Marketing from paid (Shopzilla,, Nextag) as well as free ( and Google product search). They also play a vital role in bringing quality traffic of prospects to your site for order closing.


These are large sites like Amazon and e-bay, where most of the online customers buy products. One of the best ways is to buy space from these sites and market your products to their online shelves. They permit products for sale on their web pages.


Your site must be mobile optimized so consumers can quickly browse on their smartphones. You can explore research data of buyer’s search history of mobiles through tools like etc. In this way, you can alter, change, and update your course of action for conversions.


There is a significant chunk of people available on Facebook estimating around 200 million and 750 million on Twitter. These websites are successful to win the trust and credibility of the people. Therefore enormous traffic of people makes transactions and purchases in masses from social media.  Social commerce has become part and parcel of social media. However, SMM insights can give an edge to the segment target audience and choose the best value for them.

Points to Ponder

  • Here you need to concentrate all the channels of E-commerce hitting possibility. Considering only direct market drivers will be risky. What would happen if it gets fail or respondents got offended due to bulk emailing?  Therefore try to hit the market from multi-sides and be an all-rounder.
  • Do not entirely rely on organic sources. If you are serious about online business then do understand online come up with a few or more tools of paid marketing, otherwise, it is hard to survive.
  • Distribute your goods everywhere you can, the striking fact of the online industry is the user is going to buy the product from one site out of million websites. You can be that one online site so tries to make your website and products visible as more as possible to multi-platforms.
  • You must be completely equipped with the research and updated information on your tool, digital platform for visibility, target audience features, and cost vs. profitability of choosing channels in e-commerce.


A dream of a top-notch e-commerce website can become a reality or near to reality by using different tools of e-commerce smartly. It is like if you want to hit star try to hit the moon if you miss the moon, you may land on stars. However, persistence and consistency can always bring growth and progress toward reaching a Big Dream.


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