5 Hacks to Ensure the Quality of Your Products in 2021

Hacks to Ensure the Quality of Your Products in 2021

Starting a new company and introducing a new product today is a challenge in itself. With so many people wanting to become self-made entrepreneurs, it’s a total rat race! To top that, ensure that the product you provide is up to the mark and meets the expectations of customers is a cherry on top. If you want to become a prominent company listed on the B2B importers directory, then your product’s quality has to be maintained.

However, every exam has an answer sheet; every game has a cheat sheet. Here are your hacks to ensure that the product you’re working on has top-notch quality.

Meeting the Requirement of Customers

The first and foremost rule is to find out what your audience requires. Majority of newly introduced products fail because they don’t address a specific problem, need or a target audience. People don’t demand different useless items; they prefer solutions to the issues your competitors haven’t been able to address appropriately yet.

One has to discover what the customers currently desire or need. The right way is to ask questions directly and asking about their sufferings. Asking details, one on one, would enhance their chances of being your customers before even the creation of the product. Your job should be to relate, identify and fill the void in their lives.

Feature Hypothesis & Solution

After compiling the data of your research about customer needs and the market technology of your competitors/audience, you need to enlist all the features that your product will have.

It would be best if you had a clear idea of the ensure number of features to be included. These include primary components which are the performance of the product and the secondary components. Secondary features are the accessory characteristics that enhance the novel performance of your product. These measurable and objective aspects should match the solutions that your audience wants to the greatest extent possible.

Prototypes and Testing

Once your planning stage is complete, a low budget sample should be made as your trial and error bit. It should contain all the features you want in your product. Even if the prototype doesn’t meet expectations, it will help get a general idea about the expected response.

You should be open to the idea of changes, enhancements, and innovation according to the changing needs or the developing market. Testing such prototypes with potential customers will help bridge the gap of the quality of your final product and prototype. This method allows much more room for quality improvement.

Customer Feedback

Business worshippers consider customers their God. Not that everyone has to have this belief system but understanding the sentiment will do wonders. The feedback of your customers affects your product directly. Ever since the product is introduced into the market, the company should keep track of the number of customers, what they loved about the product, their criticism and the reason for increasing or decreasing numbers of customers. It is common to adapt the product as per feedback. Hence, you have to keep track of the changing response even to the adaptation you make. This vital data is crucial to the product quality as it will help you understand which features shone and which faded. It is a smart strategic move.

Major Dimensions of Quality

Important terms related to product quality everyone should know Reliability, Serviceability, Conformance, Aesthetics and Pricing. Conformance, meetings standards of similar pre-existing products, and reliability, product life, are objective quality approaches that are based on the manufacturing process rather than preferences.

Serviceability, the ability of product restoration in case of malfunctioning, displays the technical competence of your product. This hurdle should be kept in mind to ensure good quality pre-hand.

Aesthetics, display qualities, and pricing, both are subjective. These depend entirely on customer preferences. This area can get covered if you do your initial research and interrogation well. Quality of a product is judged critically on these subjective aspects as well. The product has to look good, feel good, etc. and the product has to be worth the customers’ money and time.

If all of these dimensions and hacks are covered, your product quality will skyrocket.

Ensuring the quality of products is becoming a rising concern causing competition to become threatening. Therefore, it is important that your product takes a win at the design and development stage to ensure the best quality.


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