Top 3 Industrial Automation Trends That Can Help Your Business To Grow


Almost a decade ago when we imagined A. I replaced our industries and work future, we all predicted it right. Because, believe it or not, that future is here. While we don’t see much of robots on the streets or local grocery stores, they have certainly taken over a strong presence in the industrial world. In fact, every third start-up based in the U.S is about Artificial Intelligence. Little by little, they have grown into established industrial businesses, automating the future that we once saw in movies. 

According to Seimens, “Many factories will be underground, out of sight, and highly automated. By 2060 – In 50 years, a new world of manufacturing will be experienced, with thousands of humans competing in a global co-creation environment for cash prizes to designing specialized components that can be 3D printed in such facilities or at customer locations”.


Automation in industries means the use of various technology-embedded control systems for different processes like operating manufacturing equipment, processing in factories, large-scale productions, stabilization of applications, heat treating ovens, factory boilers, or stacking the inventory – all with minimal or zero human involvement. At this age of industrial automation, almost all processes have been completely or 80% automated. 

The idea of automation originated first in the 1930s when General Motors introduced feedback controllers in their industry for production. However, the actual automation process began in 1980 when car manufacturers in America designed robots to handle the entire manufacturing process and control. By now, almost all industries in the global B2B marketplace, including hydraulics, electrical, computer, pneumatic, electronics, aeronautical, and mechanical use various means of automation to ease workflow and scale their businesses. 


Globally, automated industries generate a revenue of over $500 billion per year. The United States and Chinese industrial markets together produce 10% of the global industrial automation growth. Despite the trade war restrictions and economic recession in most European countries, industrial automation has very much happened and mounted to a record high in the past couple of years. These automation trends have not only revolutionized the manufacturing process but also affected the overall work and product efficiency. 

If your business industry also needs a technology boost, implementing industrial automation and replacing human intervention with machines will be a great initiative in this era. This, in addition, to help grow your business will transform your production rate and end results. 

Read on below to find out the top three industrial automation trends that can help grow your business: 

1.      Data Visualization for Analysis

Making sense of this mountain of information remains a challenge. Therefore, through Office Automation Products & Devices it’s easier and less expensive than ever to collect, transmit, and store data. The newest trend in this area, are tools allowing end-users to visualize the data, without requiring the assistance of programmers to interact with the information source.

2.      3D Printing

It is one of the biggest blessings enhancing the modern industrial lifestyle and a remarkable revolution in the industry. In 2017, Siemens achieved a breakthrough in the 3D printing of gas turbine blades. For the first time, a team of experts has full-load tested gas turbine blades that were entirely produced using additive manufacturing. For some businesses, 3D printing most often makes sense as a substitute for custom parts produced in small quantities, usually by hand. Through this exciting technology is changing the way we manufacture by reducing the lead time for prototype development up to 90 percent.

3.      Wireless Sensors

There is an increase in installing more and more wireless sensors, wireless pressure, flow, level, temperature, and others. These sensors are helping companies implement big data strategies, making sure they don’t get left behind by more astute competitors.


Work Efficiency and Sustainability 

Sustainability and Efficiency are the major concerns of any industry today. Automating processes and replacing most manual equipment with technology systems will help develop sustainable products and promote sustainable manufacturing. In addition, using efficient machinery will help save resources, such as labor costs, time, money, and various energy fuels. Ultimately, these changes will influence business growth resulting in eco-friendly changes in the environment.

Smart Technologies will Change the Manufacturing Phenomenon 

 Smart technology methods like Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber-security, augmented reality and machine learning are changing the entire working phenomenon in industries worldwide. As a business industry, you will be able to meet demands for higher productivity, work efficiency, and provide better interaction mechanisms between machines and working staff. 

In addition, through automation, you will also have an effective communication platform to interact with your B2B clients and end-users while identifying their demands and needs. Industrial automation is all set to bring flexible manufacturing and asset management options to drive business growth and work production. 


Industrial automation will help your business grow in ways you can’t imagine. Implementing software robots and smart machinery will minimize most of your human labor and employees. This change will result in: 

  • • Fewer employees in your industries 
  • • Hence fewer wages, salaries, training of staff and benefits 
  • • More money goes into investments and software equipment
  • • You can focus more on maintenance and product delivery  
  • • Increased work productivity 
  • • Lesser chances of human errors 
  • • Increase in Return on Investments

Now that you have learned about important industrial automation trends, it’s time to move forward and look for ways to adapt these into your business. Do a thorough research and invest in the technology you need and slowly watch your business scale to new heights. 


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