Interesting Facts about Launching a Manufacturing Company in China in 2020

Manufacturing Company in China

Trade is the most important economic function across the globe. Every nation leverages the trading system by allowing the manufacturers and distributors to use channels through which the goods are shipped to other countries. This practice has become stronger than before. This aggressive approach was never possible until economies embraced innovation and leading trade strategies. These have made every possible trade act efficient and reliable. In recent years, the B2B marketplace itself expanded the platform for worldwide manufacturers. The core reason behind the expansion was promoting exceptional work and providing an opportunity to B2B companies to flourish in the international market as well as set up a manufacturing company in China. 

Did you know that China is one of the most reliable nations for establishing trade partnerships? The research shows that 31% of companies are always eyeing China to proceed with trade operations. 

This piece of information about China is not everything you should consider – there are many interesting facts and figures, which will introduce a new scope for the majority of the manufacturers to become part of the Chinese B2B industry. 

Before we start exploring some interesting facts about launching a manufacturing company in China, we will give a short overview of the economy and how it has ranked itself among reliable trading nations. 

Fast-Moving Chinese Economy is Ranked Highest – Get to Know Why 

Tossing the economies of the world is one of the biggest challenges. The overall performance struggles to recover from economic deficits, successfully generating revenues from exports, and maintaining the highest GDP are the key players in noticing the economic growth of a nation.

Chinese Economy

China has ranked itself the highest in the economies of the world. If we look at the performance of the nation from the past few decades, then it is evident that the economy had been consistent and improving the state. 

The exponential growth proves to break barriers for many manufacturing and export companies that they have become market leaders in a very short span. In this way, China has gained a crown for leading trade and become one of the reliable export hubs in the world. 

In 2019, China’s GDP was worth $14.3 trillion. The value represents around 25% of the world’s economy. It is believed that if the manufacturing industry is continually empowered in the coming years, then China will definitely obtain a greater share in the world’s trade operations. 

Since the nation is already setting a potential image in the world, the story prevails in the global reform that China’s participation in IMF projects will further contribute to accelerating the GDP. 

This economic flashback of China reveals many truths regarding the performance of the manufacturing industry. Soon, we will be seeing many Chinese manufacturers and suppliers ruling global trade reforms and offering exceptional products and services beyond expectations. 

What’s Making China a Better Place to Launch a Manufacturing Company? 

China has a vast manufacturing industry where emerging and evolving manufacturers and distributors are known for their distinct services. This unique factor is not the only element that has made the industry the most productive in the world.

China International Relations

Despite the continuous economic pressures and multiple opportunities knocking the doors of the Chinese manufacturing industry, these businesses have started to shift their exposure to new trade paradigms. 

Just like every economy has to consider both internal and external dimensions before starting a trade business, Chinese manufacturers are also well-aware of certain elements that have a direct impact on their trade decisions and outcomes.

Research says that China has gained the trust of many potential international buyers by selling them authentic products and services. In this way, it has not only achieved a unique recognition in the world but also made enough profits along with becoming a market leader.

A Chinese or China B2B marketplace is the biggest online platform where you will see many Chinese manufacturers and distributors selling a range of products across the world. The progress of these leading names in the online B2B platform gives a reason for other emerging manufacturers to enter the industry and achieve heights in no time. 

Here we now share some interesting facts about the Chinese manufacturing industry. Many worldwide business-minded individuals are always looking for opportunities to establish their business and make themselves a leader in the world. China’s manufacturing industry is what you should not miss at all.

Below are some of the points to consider that can help you establish a profound business in the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Range of Appealing Products in Every Category 

Do you know a country that specializes in producing a variety of products in every category? China is one of these few nations where manufacturers make sure that buyers don’t leave the platform empty-handed. 

It is not a complicated matter for the manufacturing industry to focus on different product categories. This glitch is all because of the demand for diverse resources, skills, and innovative infrastructure, which is not possible for every nation to afford. 

In the case of China, the manufacturing industry is well-equipped with diverse resources, competent skills, and high-end technologies that are efficient in producing the best quality products for meeting the buyers’ expectations. 

From manufacturing stationery products to producing high-end tech devices, China establishes its name in extensive product availability. If you are looking for opportunities to launch a manufacturing company in China, then it is the most profitable decision to look for. 

The reports say that the electric machinery industry has plans to upgrade its production sector by 2025, where the focus will be on high-tech intensive manufacturing functions. 

Not only this, but the clothing industry is also proliferating. You can see more than 1,000 garment companies operating in China, and that’s how the manufacturers are becoming famous in the world. 

Cost-Efficient Country Influences Manufacturing Businesses 

It is not wrong to say that producing goods require a huge investment. In the case of the Chinese manufacturing industry, the fact is real, but the output is also exceptional.

The manufacturers believe that if they are investing a little more from the expected margin, the buyers then receive high-quality yet faultless products. Such satisfaction and positive experiences are what Chinese manufacturers are holding onto. 

This approach has definitely developed the interest of many entrepreneurs who are looking for the best venture options to expand their manufacturing businesses. If you think that quality and profits are unmatchable, then you are on the wrong track. 

Many reports highlight the fact that China’s leading manufacturing industry has smart tech infrastructure where it is absolutely feasible to execute the plan correctly. This revolution is making worldwide industries revamp their infrastructure as soon as possible. Attaining a summit in the B2B industry is not so difficult, but it requires strategic planning. 

Interestingly, China has again won recognition for moving towards industrialization. This is only achievable because of the tendency to integrate advanced technology and focus on improving capabilities that go hand-in-hand. In this way, China will see more growth in the next few years that is for sure, a revolutionary point for the economy. 

Did you know that if Chinese manufacturers are investing in technical resources, then they have also set a high pay scale for their human resources as well? This fact is quite surprising to note because, with this step, China stands at the number one position among many other economies.

China has definitely learned about managing productions in a better way. This is only achievable when its factory workers are energetic and motivated to perform likewise. The added advantage is again a reason why manufacturers from around the world should invest in the Chinese manufacturing industry. 

Shipping cost is yet again a factor, which has made China’s manufacturing industry stand prominent among other economies. Different nations offer different shipping costs, and that’s why exporters have to bear the financial burden if it’s too high from their budget. 

Sourcify analyzed shipping costs by taking FedEx International Economy rates into consideration. Three apparel boxes were shipped from different international airports to California. The boxes had a custom value of about $30,000. 

Manufacturing Company in China stats

The results of the research clearly show that China stands at the first position for adding the lowest shipping cost among other Asian countries. The fact that was highlighted in the study is that most of the Chinese manufacturing companies have an organized shipping process. Not only this, but they have a versatile shipping strategy that optimizes the shipping cost.

Now, do you think it is a great idea to move your B2B manufacturing company to China and avail the best opportunity to make huge profits? 

Matchless Production Facilities beyond Expectations 

Other than many factors to rely on, there is one more thing to consider before making a final decision. 

China’s manufacturing industry is pro in establishing a unique yet most efficient production platform. Both the small and large manufacturers have the capability to entertain the buyers’ request and produce the goods in the bulk quantity. 

The best of the industry is that it deals in both ways. Large manufacturers often accept the buyers’ request if their minimum order is larger in number. Although it seems quite frustrating to know in the first instance, the strategy is worth the cost.

manufacturing company

Most of the buyers place their orders which are more elaborative in features but are in low quantity. These type of orders become expensive for the manufacturers to produce and definitely, their said financial budgets are then compromised. 

On the other hand, smaller manufacturing businesses in the same industry are more concerned about outshining their businesses. The core reason behind the fact is that they also wish to prosper in the most aggressive competition. In this way, taking orders in the lowest minimum quantity is not a big deal for them until and unless their as any uncertainty. 

What else you think is remaining for considering its production factor? Every manufacturing company in China depends on sourcing methods that vary from company to company. These methods have merits and demerits as well and are opted upon choice. 

When the Chinese manufacturing companies say that they produce quality products, it means they are actually producing products that have high-end components. Most of the competitors have pinpointed the fact that China compromises on the quality but makes sure that the cost is satisfied. This is not true. There are only a few industries in China that are facing such issues, but this doesn’t mean that the overall industry should be referred to such practices. 

In the past, China has been prosperous in achieving massive interest from the international buyers’ market. The main reason identified in some surveys is that the manufacturers and distributors are exceptional in satisfying their expectations. Such remarks and statistics are further adding value to the industry, which is impeccable. 

If you are still concerned about the standards of Chinese manufacturing market, then you must look for its legal procedures. 

China Shipping

Most of the economists and industrialists rave about Chinese business industry. They have talked about the smooth dealings and how the trade processes are primarily meeting international standards. Do you know why this is possible?

China manufacturing industry strictly follows the legal trade framework. This aspect ensures that all trade operations are processed under international regulations. Not only this, but it holds a safe and secure medium for every entrepreneur to offer reliable deals to the buyers and generate profits impressively. 

Even on an online B2B platform, you may see how Chinese manufacturers are ensuring trade regulations. It gives a clear picture of the manufacturers that their processes are transparent. Additionally, they take security measures as well to avoid any harm or damage to the shipment. 

China is the safest place to start a manufacturing business because the authorities thoroughly audit and inspect the business from top to bottom before it becomes viral. The manufacturing companies are granted a license as well when it proves the operations complying with international trade standards. 

Facts about Chinese Manufacturing Industry 

Although you have learned about the four most strategic parameters, there are some more interesting facts to share that you haven’t heard before. 

Scroll Down for the 1st Fact 

You see the economies have adapted to smart technologies but why international manufacturing industries are staying behind the innovation?

Well, China is ahead of it. Chinese manufacturing companies have gradually become technology-dependent. This means that most of the production operations will now be operated with efficient yet smart integrated technology. 

So what do you expect as a result? Exactly, more quality products, optimized deliveries, production of the bulk orders, and highly responsive mechanism. 

There is one More Thing – 2nd Fact 

There are several product categories in China, but only a few of them are ruling the international market. 

Which products are common in your import market that exclusively charges for Chinese imports? The electronic industry is one of the wealthiest manufacturing industries in China, which has gained fame in the international market. It has the highest share in the world’s electronic products.

Don’t you believe us? Look at your appliances or even mobile phones that have a label of “Made in China”. 

By the way, the 3rd Fact is Interesting too

The hype about the Chinese manufacturing industry is not at all fake. There are more than 5000 brands in the world, which have collaborated with the Chinese manufacturing industry to purchase finished goods at a fair price. 

In this way, China has not only become a leading trade hub in the world but also a reliable platform to become a part of it. 

Final Thoughts 

It might be quite surprising for you to explore so many thoughtful points about China and its leading manufacturing industry. All these are not just about words, but practically, the manufacturers are continuously making matchless efforts to become a market leader.

If you think there is still something to add in the facts, then think of it and know if it is really worth launching a manufacturing company in China.


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