Marketing Condition in Logistics and Tech Industry

Marketing Condition in Logistics and Tech Industry

The logistics and transport sectors are preparing to invest a significant amount of money in technology to provide business intelligence and freight availability which is demanded at a considerable rate by the shippers from all over the world.

These innovative technologies developed at a high-rate and mixed up with various environmental factors develop a new type of landscape for the marketers in the logistics and transportation space.

After working as a tech marketer for logistics for over five years, I’m more than happy to share some of my observations and insights influencing the marketing state of logistics, most importantly when we talk about fleets, trucking, and tech.


A significant part of the logistics and branding community is embracing the new technologies for their businesses and starting to position themselves as tech firms. Freight carriers, who previously were administered through faxes, emails, and telephone calls are now associated with modern day technology and earning a substantial profit through this new branding strategy.

This method for repositioning the brand entirely in different situations is welcomed by many. Complete modification of any brand is deemed to be 180 coming with a risk, but if worked delivers the desired results in quick periods.

Marketers know the changes most of the brands are making profits and feel empowered to talk about it when the time arrives for repositioning the brand from scratch.


Recruiting partners from different channels to sell the product is considered as an effective strategy to increase the length of your reach and attain a higher market share at a high pace in regards to the methods which you would have applied.

The most exciting thing, however, is that partners from different channels at times are with different companies who are competing with you or have been your competitor in the past.

Marketers are varied of the changing dynamics when using an enablement strategy for partners – for instance, if there are any details about different products which shouldn’t be discussed at all during the training of various partners.


Lack of drivers in the trucking industry is affecting many businesses around the world, and in general disrupts almost everything from sales, to the freight capability, etc.

The shortage of anything suggests that not you have to brand and market your product or service to the customers effectively, but also to the employees and truck drivers working under you. The marketing for recruiting new people in different sectors are starting to flourish and making an impact in previous years, with marketers supporting this endeavor for the betterment of the firm.

To generate high leads, it is incredibly crucial to remember that majority of the customers are more influenced towards organizations solving their problems quickly and without any hassle. Your targeted customers are interested in knowing if you embrace a positive culture among the employees or not. Therefore, make sure your marketing strategy is driven towards catering their problems and needs.


The e-commerce industry is adapting to different propositions and strategies to increase e-commerce development in different countries.

The increase and shift in e-commerce sector show an expanding significance in the delivery. Final delivery is essential due to the on-going strategies covering the freight cycle is considered to be old-fashioned. The costing for carrying products in different areas requires a large amount of money, and the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals suggests that almost 28 percent of the cost of transportation happens in the final stages.

Marketers should monitor how final delivery and e-commerce is developing, and how all of these e-commerce firms are segregating themselves from the rising competition among themselves.


The most current marketing technologies and tools are easily available in the logistics and trucking space.

Different types of automation tools for marketers like HubSpot cover different kinds of marketing campaigns online. Experienced chat bots converse with visitors on the website providing a new method for communication, as well as AI generating marketing based reports through research and findings. Having all of these facilities in the sector, it is safe to say that marketing technology is an integral extension of the marketing team.


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