4 Ways To Prevent Package Theft In 2020: Secure Your Package Delivery

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Shipping companies ensure to offer the safest package delivery across the world. However, some companies fail to meet their standards. Package theft is one of the common cases that are reported in shipping. People expect to get their package delivered on time, but companies share such bad news with regret. Hence, the problem regarding packages being lost or stolen isn’t solved yet.

If you have also faced the same situation at any time of your business, you are definitely not alone. When it comes to manufacturers and suppliers, they have to bear the losses more than a customer. It becomes a no-way-out situation for an entrepreneur because losing a customer is another challenge.

According to the USA report, approximately one-third of Americans faced package theft in 2017. Most importantly, such cases are constantly reported during holidays.

Package delivery is definitely a sensitive matter. Sellers and shipping companies must not give up on the solutions to prevent theft. It is high time, and we should fight back the attackers before it is too late.

Since big events, like Black Friday Sales, are around the corner, you should consider these effective solutions to secure package delivery.

How To Secure Package Delivery From Any Theft?

1. Smart package lockers

Sellers on giant platforms, like the China B2B marketplace, must believe in smart technology. This means that they should invest in essential resources, which are promising and safe to use.

A smart package locker is a new way to protect your package delivery from theft. The shipping companies should offer this service to the sellers so that the customers don’t have to face any delivery issue.

With the system launched in the shipping company, a secure locker will be assigned to every customer from where they can easily get the package. Each locker comes with a unique code, and that will be known to the authorized person only.

The customer only has to enter the code and retrieve the package. This is the best solution to secure your package from any theft. Moreover, there will be no convenient location to place the package safely other than these smart lockers.

Don’t delay buying a digital locker for your company. It is a new trend in the market that will simply get more trusted customers than before.

2. High-end security camera

If you want to catch the thief and make it a failed attempt, you really need to install a security camera. It is also one of the solutions that is believed to cover the scenario effectively than any other thing.

Having an HD camera in your shipping company can avoid many package thefts. Digital security cameras are becoming common these days due to the increase in theft cases. You should place the camera in the front space so that it covers the maximum area of your company.

Not only this, but customers can also install the camera in their houses to avoid packages being stolen. This way, resolve the case, while no one will be blamed for not taking necessary security protocols.

It is recommended to buy a security camera that is at least 1440p. If your security camera has high resolution and surveillance features, then you have invested in the right camera. It makes thief identification easier and timely.

3. Deliver packages in hand

Dropping a package at the doorstep is not an appropriate way to offer your services to the customers. Instead, the best you can do is to hand over the parcel to the customer and receive an acknowledgment.

This act of delivery encourages transparency. Furthermore, package delivery is always in safe hands because no one else can interfere in the process. Since the company knows about the delivery boy, the receiver will only be the customer which makes delivery impossible to affect.

Sometimes, dropping off the packages at the doorstep is quite convincing because not every time a customer would be available at home. But, the theft cases are on the rise; you can always check for the customer first and then make the delivery.

4. Change the delivery route

This is again a thoughtful solution to your package theft problem. Suppose, your company handles massive deliveries and follows the same route to handover the packages to the customers. The thief notices your path and schedules an attack on you.

In short, adopting the same route every time is dangerous. Anyone can follow you from source to destination and capture all your information easily. Isn’t it an inappropriate way to deliver the items at the doorstep?

If you really want to improve your delivery service, try to reschedule or reroute your shipment. It will avoid many incidents to happen among which safe package delivery is one of the cases.

Not only this but calling the customer before sending the parcel at the doorstep is again a significant rule to follow. It will save a lot of time because if the customer isn’t available at the moment, you have to return the next day and maybe so on.

Many sellers on the China B2B marketplace follow the practice to avoid any problem caused by their end. They prefer to connect with the shipping companies, which ensures such practices throughout their shipping services.

The Bottom Line

Poor security is a headache for every company around the globe. Even if you have a minor business operation functioning in the smallest area, you will face various threats and thefts. Such cases are becoming common these days because as security measures are advancing, so do the attackers. In this whole terrible situation, shipping companies urge to move to a new domain where security is no more an issue. Package thefts are the reason why many sellers are not properly handling their orders. The post has come up with significant solutions to resolve the matter and get rid of these issues. Keep these in mind and make a necessary investment to launch better security in your company to treat customers effectively.


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