Packaging Industry Worldwide Embracing New Standards

Packaging Industry Worldwide Embracing New Standards

Along with other industries, the packaging industry is also embracing sophisticated technologies and raising their standards across all functions. In this context, (IIoT) has broken through the clutter in many industries along with the packaging industry.

In upcoming years, the (IIoT) will become mandatory for every company that wants to ensure its productivity. In the packaging industry, companies are adopting this technology to extend their efficiency and effectiveness to the level of excellence.

It is helpful in cutting the cost, turnover, absenteeism, and grievances that cause tangible and intangible damage in the packaging industry. On another side, it is also the smart tool for achieving productivity in packaging trade.


It’s a network of vehicles, office appliances, physical devices, and other stuff which can easily embed with network connectivity, software, electronics and sensors that allow these objects to exchange and connect data across various departments within an organization.

Every item is distinctively identifiable via embedded computing mechanisms. Thus it is capable to inter-operate inside the current internet infrastructure.


This IIoT are the new technology that is slowly and gradually embracing the packaging industry. Due to IIoT, the production lines in packaging industry can quickly sense and control objects (people, machines, and material) via the remote network infrastructure.

In this way, it creates direct incorporation of physical stuff into the computer world. Thus it results in improved economic benefit, accuracy and efficiency and decreases the human intervention.  

In other words, Packaging Machines & Goods Manufacturer can take advantage of this technology by linking internet, social media and smartphones altogether.  Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) facilitates in data gathering from production lines to other essential departments interlinked with manufacturing process like warehouse, purchase department and accounting department etc.

Along with data, it also gives manufacturer an analytics to improve decision making. In this way, it gives measurement scales to production department thus saves time, effort and money.


The use of IIOT in the packaging industry is growing time by time. Here are some statistics for your reference shown below:-


You can see the above image apart from packaging industry; there are other industries too which are also using the IIOT technology efficiently. 


Here, one can see in the above picture that the (IIoT) technology is the problem-solving mechanism. Many manufacturing executives admit to the fact in context of above research survey.


The above statists show that some manufacturers think that embedding the technology of (IIoT) will increase the revenue:


The IIoT’s remote monitoring mechanism enables to transfer tons of data across important organization functions plus it also contains reporting feature that have transformed the packaging lines.

Packaging Machines & Goods Manufacturer is getting more innovative to make the best use of technology (IIoT) in production lines.

Even Turnkey project companies also tend to use (IIoT) Industrial Internet of Things while establishing the machine lines for packaging factories.

According to the research study of MPI, there are around 350 manufacturers who intend to adopt the (IIoT) Industrial Internet of Things. They think (IIoT) is helpful in achieving the following objectives:

  • It helps in improving the product quality.
  • Enhance the pace of operations.
  • Reduce the cost of manufacturing.
  • Improve maintenance of equipment.
  • Improve the information and reporting process in the form of business analytics

Moreover, packaging manufacturers said that bolstering the product quality is the primary objective of adopting smart devices besides their machine lines.

In this context, MPI estimates that within two years a significant number of packaging industrialists will enhance their usage of smart devices including software, network, sensors and other electronic connectivity stuff.

 It brings smartness and efficiency in manufacturing devices to exchange and collect data through IIOT. Because in next five years, IIOT expertise will influence 71% manufacturers to employ this technology efficiently in their organizations.

Packaging entrepreneurs and industry gurus see this technology as mandatory in assuring the consistency in the effectiveness and gaining competitive advantage in the global market.


The IIOT is not limited to remote monitoring function to stay in touch with their equipment. Hence, it also gives an opportunity for end users, suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders to share valuable information with each other effectively and quickly.

Due to IIOT, Packaging Manufacturers are enabling to highlight discrepancies besides packaging machine lines in actual time then using this information and further distribute the data through monitoring devices to concerned departments.

In this way, most of the packaging industrialists believe that IIOT will improve the rate of customer satisfaction.


Packaging Industrials are adopting new CRMs and ERPs to increase productivity and reducing manufacturing and other turnover costs. Before selecting any technology, they just need to jot down cost and benefits of every technique and technology. Also, they must even look into the payback period for embracing new technologies and standards.


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