PPAI Expo 2018 – Products Which Impressed the Most

PPAI Expo 2018 - Products Which Impressed the Most

The PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) Expo 2018 is an expo organized yearly, which emphasizes and fashionably shows the promotional products. In 2018, the exhibition was held in Las Vegas with nearly 1300 exhibitors participating and covering up approximately 3000 boots for promoting their products and services in large numbers.

In the entire event, there were nearly 4,500 organizations registered before the commencement of the event and showed a deep interest in promoting their products and services to a reasonably large audience. Apart from that, the expo also provided educational sessions for people belonging to all walks of life. However, in this post, I will be looking at some of the trends and promotional products which I saw were the best from the Expo.

1. Clothing & Comfort Go Hand in Hand:

Probably the most significant category for the promotional products, however, changes in the fabrics have built up the idea of comfort to the most extent. If you want your customer to purchase your clothing, make it comfortable and easy to wear following with the latest trends.

Making clothes comfortable is a great process to make strong relationships with customers. For many organizations, aprons, uniforms, hats or shirts are part of clothing which employees are supposed to wear. Shoes of top quality matching the style and comfort are also the trend this year.

Making comfortable products be it clothes or refurbished running shoes or any other item is the trend for 2018, and many manufacturers and producers are embracing it religiously. This will enhance satisfaction and improve your brand on a global level.

2. Product Safety:

There has been a lot of talk about safety products not just with giant enterprises but with every organization planning to place their name on a product for promotion. The essential thing to remember with promotional products is that these products define your organization and if anything goes wrong with it; your company reputation is on the line with it.

Quality control is making a name for itself in the clothing and product safety as well as in the products for promotional activities along with the industries which are producing and manufacturing it.

3. Electronics:

The majority of the products in the latest fashion for electronics most of the time have correlatives in the world full of promotional products. The fashion for 2018 in the electronics at the Expo was no exception than the rest. The best and the most famous promotional products which I got to see were the different kinds of LED lights promoted by different companies for various reasons.

LED lights are going to be the future.

4. Wearable Products:

Wearable products are gaining massive popularity in the expo. The promotional wearables were a significant hit. Some of the wearables like LED event badges and bands, earbuds, and fitness inspired bands are an excellent source for brands to promote their products efficiently to the audience.

With technology improving significantly, these products are quite popular among the millennials and teens in particular, and brands can earn a large chunk of profit through them. Apart from these products, there are a lot of unique wearable products that will get attention from the audience.

5. Products Targeting the Millennials:

There are a lot of products and brands which target millennials in particular. Therefore, having a massive amount of products available for millennials is an excellent source of earning profits, and many companies should target this specific market.

It has been timely estimated that millennials if are attracted to any brand or its product, will spend cash to get it.

6. Wireless Gadgets and Products:

When we talk about electronics, wireless gadgets are always the talk of the town. There are many companies and start-ups today making different kinds of gadgets. From Polaroid cameras to USBs and from different kinds of technologically enhanced apparel and footwear, these products always get the desired attention.

Wireless speakers made by different brands are the most famous among all.

7. Games:

A segment that is ignored by many but has been expanding to a large extent in recent times; there are different kinds of games that can be branded. Some of the few examples are of monopoly and Jenga. Customized dartboards and promotional ping pong boards for schools and other institutions are quite in vernacular.


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