PPC Landing Page Goals for B2B Lead Generation in 2020

PPC Landing Page Goals for B2B Lead Generation in 2020

What is the one primary purpose of every B2B PPC landing page? It’s pretty apparent, “conversion”!

A lot of money is invested in running PPC campaigns. However, your investment will go to waste if that specific landing page is unable to achieve the goals you’ve set. As easy as it sounds, do you know what these goals should be? If no, then we’ve got it all covered for you. Take a look at PPC landing page goals every online marketer should focus on for optimal B2B lead generation this year.


One of the most common purposes of running a PPC campaign is to deliver a download to your potential prospects. However, one thing that businesses get confused with is whether or not they should ask for data in return. This data can comprise of company name, website, email address or even personal number.

You can offer the following things as a download to your visitors:

 Industry studies
 Case studies

And much more…

Well, we advise that you do request for data in return. You’re going to spend lots of money on running your B2B lead generation campaign, so it’s pretty obvious that you’d want something in return. However, in some occasions this trick may backfire as not everyone will agree with your demands. – Still it’s worth a try!

Once you get your hands on a client’s details, you can reach out them to transform them in to a potential lead with a sales pitch. If you are able to convince them, they may even turn into one of your most loyalist clients.


You can’t always expect to generate a lead from every user who opens your ad. However, that doesn’t mean that you should simply produce an average looking ad copy. The impression you’ll reflect is what can be the turning point here. While producing a creative and engaging landing page, your objective should be to win hearts. The footprint you set in your user’s hearts should be strong enough to convince them to come back. And if they do, you can expect them to convert.

Apart from that, instead just offering downloadable content, you can request them to sign up for future valuable interactions. For example, a webinar sign up, email signup, product demo request and event invitation are a few great ideas.

However, getting signups may be the easy part here. The real challenge will be too actually get the prospect to show up for the event, demo trial or webinar. Once you get a signup, you just has just begun.

Make sure that your email marketing or support team is always active in sending SMS or emails to your potential prospects as reminders. However, don’t overflow their inbox with emails. You’ll only irritate them. While sending messages, make sure that you also mention other topics as well. For example, an upcoming sale or offer. You never know, brand name or email id could also help them remember that they signed up for an event on your website.


If you are able to generate countless leads from your B2B PPC landing page, it would be a dream come true! However, it’s no walk in the park. You ad copy, content call-to-action (CTA) play significant roles making this possible.

Here are a few CTA’s that can work for you:

 Call Now
 Get a Quote
 Form Submission
 Get Help
 Read Now

And much more.

If you are wondering which CTA to opt for, then its better that you initiate tests to figure out which one is better for you. Once you begin experience quality leads from a specific CTA, you can continue with it until you see the numbers drop.


The landing page you create for your online B2B marketplace can help your business generate countless B2B leads. However, nothing is possible without adequate planning. Without knowing you goals you’ll never know what to do next. Therefore, follow the goals we’ve mentioned above to witness exceptional outcomes.


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