Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes – A Contributing Factor for the Packaging Industry

pressure sensitive

The packaging industry is considered as the most demanding field in the world with shipping methods becoming more versatile and convenient. These days, it’s not that difficult to ship different products in different parts of the world. Packaging a product is the most crucial part for shipping since it’s the job of the shipping company to ship the products without any hassle and damage.

The packaging engineers are striving hard in providing the most effective ways to cater the demands and challenges set by different shipping destinations. The best option to consider right now is the multi-sided pressure sensitive adhesives like Transparent TapesMasking TapesSelf Adhesive Tapes, and Tape.

Pressure sensitive adhesives work wonders at ensuring that the packaged goods are in solid shape and remains in one piece until it reaches its final destination. The product is available in different varieties with acrylic, rubber and silicon tapes are the most common. The tool is the most basic for engineers in different parts of the world and contains a few benefits making it the most reliable choice for the packaging industry around the world.

What is Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape (PSA)?

PSA also stated (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Self Stick Adhesive, and Self Adhesive) is a reliable and the most obvious category of enriched adhesive tapes available around the world. These tapes contain thin malleable material with a double or single sided coating. PSA is generally attached to a wide range of substrates when it’s applied to the driest and clean surfaces with pressure.

These tapes don’t demand any solvent, heat, or water to trigger the adhesive. The bond is associated with a significant amount of pressure which is later applied into the adhesive and then onto the surface. These tapes are Packaging TapesBOPP Packing TapesBrown Tape, and PVC Tape, etc.

PSA tapes are most commonly consumed in different applications with its usage in different sectors and applications are frequently uncovered. The usage of these types will expand in the future as a method to fix and connect due to the technological transformation of adhesive based products. These products are convenient and effective to use, cost-effective in comparison to the conventional fastening systems.

Types of Adhesives for PSA Tapes

Some of the most commonly used PSA tapes are as follows:

• Silicone

Constructed and produced from silicone polymers and the only kind of adhesive which will connect accurately with all the silicone-based substrates, silicone based adhesives are generally expensive and have an unreliable track. However, these tapes can confront high temperatures in comparison to both acrylic and rubber enriched TSA tapes.

• Rubber

TSA tapes which are made through synthetic or natural rubbers are usually generated through oils, tackifying resins, and anti-oxidants. The most pocket and budget-friendly PSA, rubber provides stability and depth which other tapes typically don’t provide. This type of adhesive is not approved for heated products and applications and different tapes like Teflon TapesPrinted Tapes, and Industrial Tape.

• Acrylic

Adhesives constructed from acrylic polymers are generally used by industries for extended periods and provide more resistance and durability to the environment. These adhesives usually produce a stronger connection in comparison to the conventional rubber adhesive and usually contain high heat temperatures.

Benefits of Double-Sided Pressure Adhesives

• Quick Bonding 

Sensitive to the pressure, these adhesives assist in improving the speed of packaging due to its capacity for rapid bonding. In less than a few minutes or perhaps seconds, less time is consumed for finding out a proper cure for these adhesives and will bond quickly as soon as you apply in any applications. This is considered as a demanding factor for high volume packaging services and its operations around the world.

• Durability and Flexibility 

Using these adhesives in different applications provide the industries to package and deliver products quickly since they don’t demand any heat during the process. These tapes are cheaper and more effective than the glue sticks, and less conspicuous than the conventional tapes. With characteristics like these, it is relatively safer to package the products quickly without the need to block any logo or branding impressions on the packaging box which usually plays a crucial role in promoting awareness.

• Wide Range of Applications

In today’s world, it’s crucial to be the jack of all trades, and pressure-sensitive adhesives are doing it in style. Bonding different types of PET or being transparent among the customers, PSAs are available in extensive qualities, in different sizes and shapes according to the requirements and needs of the industries.


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