Progressive Profiling is the Next Big Thing in the Market

Progressive Profiling is the Next Big Thing in the Market

During your first meeting with someone, asking a very personal message might not be the most fabulous idea. Personal questions relating to your personal life or your salary figure might not be the best thing; similarly, asking someone about the web forms is a bad idea. When meeting someone for the first time, it’s best to avoid personal questions before you start making a fool out of yourself and push other people away. Having said that, if someone is visiting your website for the very first time, try not to scare them off by asking tons of questions.

However, a marketer is well aware of the possibilities these web forms provide, and while they play an integral role in improving the conversions, they play a crucial factor in understanding your customers because if you are not willing to take an interest in them, there’s a high chance that they will stop communicating with you and stop you from converting your prospects into leads.

Therefore, the question which you should be asking is the way to perpetuate a balancing of asking sufficient but not many questions.

The answer is simple, progressive profiling.

Progressive profiling – the term is a process to understand more about the lead gradually and slowly. It allows you to store the right amount of information at the most suitable time from the leads enabling you to change the first conversion into a second.

With the passage of a few conversions, you will attain the data you need to keep your audience busy making them feel secure without the need of pressurizing them for the information they are not willing to give.

Progressive Profiling – Get to Know:

I can think of hundreds of examples of how progressive profiling is similar to dating. Let’s start with a few: During your first date, there’s a possibility that your date might leave the table and head-out if you start scratching about her past and personal affairs on the first meet-up. Likewise, you shouldn’t be inquiring a lot from your new lead on the first visit, or there’s a possibility that they will shy away from all the offers you are willing to provide.

With progressive profiling, marketers are at an advantage of gaining intelligence from leads while expanding the lead generations since leads are never turned affected by the quantity of information they are inquired to bring.

Since more forms have the chance of destroying the lead conversions, you shouldn’t be asking the complete information which you would like to include in the form. When you’re dating someone, you learn about the opposite person with the passage of time, or else your date might go away earlier than your expectations. With profiling progressive, you moderately learn significantly more about the lead without the possibility of your visitors leaving your website sooner than your expectations.

Progressive Profiling – How Does it Work?

Progressive profiling is quite easy to understand. When a visitor visits your website for the first time and completes the form placed on the landing page of the website, they are instructed to answer only a couple of questions. When the visitor again visits the website and completes the form, the previous form fields are substituted with new fields to attain a lot of information.

This process allows the users to create more design forms consisting of questions on the information you possess about the lead. This way, it only shows those field whose data is either not known – indicating if you have a lot of information about the field, it will be shifted with the one which is asked to fill.

Below I will be sharing the most sequence example which is mostly used for progressive profiling:

The first download which is encountered by your visitor contains the most basic questions. They are:

     • Email
     • Last name
     • First name

By downloading the second content, the users will be greeted with a few more information for qualifying and targeting the leads. They are:

     • Employees
     • Location
     • Role

After following two of the most basic conversions, you have the advantage of getting complete information which will assist you in generating:

     • The time to make a purchase
     • Phone number


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