Property and Real Estate – What is happening in the Industry?

Property and Real Estate - What is happening in the Industry

In the modern world, the real estate agent and property dealers are requested to embrace new trends in the market to cater the demands for regulatory and financial risks – while finding solutions to the challenges of increasing at a higher level and attaining sustainable growth.

The market value of a property and real estate has the authority to muster a group of specialized professionals and assist them in providing challenging and demanding scenarios on higher levels.

According to a report conducted by KPMG, the market situation for the property has significantly improved and expanded, while new methods are being applied in the market along with different demands being placed on companies.

Some new strategies prepared by KPMG are:

  • Optimizing different levels of operations for real estate and solving all sorts of issues
  • Catering the constant compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Changing trends rapidly with a primary focus on sustainability and environmental needs
  • Applying and introducing different kinds of analytics and data to improve the insights of the portfolio significantly

The real estate market has experienced significant changes over the period of a few years. Some interesting trends were unraveling all over the world among the most important markets of America and Europe and the highly-integrated markets of Asian and Indian regions, provided with different kinds of demands and needs.

The market for real estate all over the world is expected to expand due to the massive growth in GRP per-capita and tourism, etc. However, the industry is also experiencing different challenges like the high risk of terrorist attacks and economic turndown globally.

According to a report, the industry will flourish from 2017-2021, and its growth relies on many factors like the increase in inbound and outbound tourism and income.

KMPG, for an essential metropolitan government, monitored the real estate activities for innovation and strategies for nearly 1300 buildings.


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