7 Crucial Reasons to Invest Your Money on YouTube Ads in 2020

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As a B2B marketer, you always have to look for ways to boost your lead generation and level of engagement. However, due to the sharp rise in competition, it has become a great challenge for even the best digital marketing agency to capitalize on their traditional promotional activities. Therefore, we believe that you can still turn the table in your favor and enhance the outcome of your marketing investment by investing in YouTube Ads.

YouTube has proven to be the second largest search engine, after Google, in the world. In addition, every single day, over one billion hours of content is watched on YouTube. Not only that, but in 2018, according to Mashable, YouTube proved to be the most popular app used on iPhone. Well, if you haven’t used this video streaming platform to promote your B2B platform yet, you’re losing big time.

If you are still not convinced, we’ve compiled a list of a few more reasons why every B2B platform should invest on YouTube Ads.

Best Reasons to Invest in YouTube Ads

1. High Reach

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One of the best reasons to start your YouTube Marketing Campaign is the enormous reach you can achieve on this video streaming platform. According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most visited site on the Internet. Millions watch videos every day, and you can catch their attention by merely having your ad run between videos for just a few seconds.

2. Cost Efficient Marketing

A crucial benefit of running YouTube ads is that you’ll be able to enjoy excellent brand exposure at a low price. You’ll pay if a user watches your whole ad video or at least 30 seconds. Anything less than that is free. That means you’ll even come across times when you’ll be getting traffic from your YouTube ads for no charges at all.

3. A Greater Range of Target Audience

You’ll find all kinds of people watching videos on YouTube every day. In addition, the YouTube marketing platform can help you target your ads to several segments of the population. You can use demographics to choose which type of people should see your video ad. This strategy will improve your reach and will also enhance your brand awareness.

4. Various Ad Formats to Choose From

Youtube Ads 2020

While initiating your YouTube Ad campaign, you have the freedom to choose from multiple ad formats that suit your approach. These YouTube Ad formats include bumper ads, non-skippable ads, skippable ads, ad sequences and outstream ads. All these formats have different goals and lengths, with the overall objective being brand awareness.

5. A Greater Rate of Viewer Attention

As we all know by now that videos are considered the most viewed type of content, you can’t ignore the idea of running YouTube Ads. With the flexibility, the YouTube marketing offers, you can easily feature an engaging and short clip to promote your brand our products within seconds. In addition, you can add a click function on the ad, which will lead the audience directly to your dedicated landing page of merely your homepage.

6. The Opportunity to Be Creative

You are free to be creative with the ads you create for YouTube. By creating engaging videos, you’ll have the opportunity to display your brand in an attention-grabbing and appealing manner. The plus point about featuring your sponsored videos on this platform is that all users are here to watch videos. Therefore, they wouldn’t mind seeing a few seconds of sponsored content. So use your creativity and produce a remarkable ad video.

7. Utilize all Platforms

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A basic rule of advertising is to target your audience on numerous platforms. The more a specific client sees your ad, the higher the chance of them buying from you will increase. Therefore, if you are running a marketing campaign on Google, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter already, then add YouTube Ads as well in this campaign and experience a rise in both your traffic and leads.

Wrap Up

YouTube Ads are increasing every day. Many businesses have begun to realize that these short promotional clips can make a difference. In addition, to being a cheap marketing tactic, in terms of price, videos are more likely to be appreciated by your potential prospects. So begin your YouTube ads campaign today to witness remarkable outcomes.


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