Seven Social Media Apps That Are The Best For Marketers

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Social media is growing rapidly with increasing users. It has versatile social media apps that ensure to save time, create better content, and connect with the world. But this world comprises many people who might not help you with accomplishing the business goals.

If we say target audience, definitely it makes some sense.

With social media apps, you can simply take your business to the next level. This seems a dream to marketers, but it is really happening these days. I know you don’t have any idea about such apps that are helping the marketers creating a difference.

So, let me introduce you to the most amazing and handy social media apps that can change the life of your business.

Are you ready to explore these apps? Let’s get started then!

Get Your Hands On These Social Media Apps Today

1. Facebook

Who isn’t familiar with this marketing platform in such a competitive social media industry? The marketers today must know how Facebook is contributing to thriving businesses, no matter what the niche, size, and type it is.

Facebook is a complete package where connecting with friends and family is more than the concept of networking. On this platform, you can avail the features for reaching out to the worldwide buyers and get your business there.

Today, the platform is excellently performing with serving over 2 billion global users. Now you can imagine how the platform would help the marketers in meeting their marketing expectations.

If you want your business to reach the heights, you should not wait for a minute to use the social media app for full-service marketing.

2. Twitter

When we talk about social media apps, we know Twitter is the reason marketing is possible for businesses in the digital world. Again, it is one of the powerful social media apps, which allows the brands to communicate the message to the target audience.

We refer to communication here as tweeting. It is not like the long emails or letters but a short yet effective message that is tweeted on Twitter. Indeed, you have to meet the character limit, which is relatively really short to convey the best possible message.

Well, the professional marketer can still make out on this platform. This is because one knows the trick to engage the target audience by writing the shortest content and covering everything the prospects needs to know.

The best part is that Twitter has crossed 330 million users this year

3. Instagram

Sometimes, pictures say a lot of things than words can tell. This is the reason Instagram became part of social media back in 2012 where the target audience started to access several features for on-time posting.

Instagram is again a versatile platform where you can perform marketing techniques by posting creative images and captions. It is serving the community of billions of users.

Unlike other social media apps, Instagram allows the marketers to post videos, images, and live streaming to provoke the prospects for landing on your business page. You can simply check out the interface and the features to get used to it.

This is definitely one of the best social media apps to date, where marketing is just a new business.

You can also use different marketing tools to make your practices powerful and effective.

4. YouTube

Who says marketing has nothing to do with YouTube? Well, it is the platform where you can actually meet your new customers and go further miles for the better growth.

YouTube is also one of the best social media apps where the marketers can touch the skies without the struggle. It is popular for sharing videos and conveying your business message like anything.

Today, YouTube enjoys serving over 2 billion monthly active users. Isn’t that interesting to let people know about your brand?

The platform is quite impressive when it comes to sharing the video content with the target audience. You can get to see more people landing on your page because of the right marketing that your business really needs.

5. Planoly

Now it is time to talk about the social media apps that you might not be familiar with.

So, Planoly comes in the top of the list. Marketing team at Hootsuite recommends businesses to use the social media marketing app for the business. It is actually the visual planner for Instagram.

By using the application, you can check if your Instagram posts are appropriate as grid before posting on the feed. Also, it lets you access the data and engagement rates for every post.

You don’t have to worry about the results. The platform is really promising for achieving a clear visual style of your brand.

6. Crello

The marketers are often worried to have brilliant images for their business marketing. However, Crello gives the opportunity to marketers to get rid of pain and post amazing pictures on social media.

This is the social media app that marketers find really impressive for boosting the brand’s performance.

One of the benefits a marketer sees here is that you don’t need any design experience. This is because it has all the desired templates you would like to have for your marketing technique.

7. Fastory

Now this the application that can add spark to your social media marketing.

Fastory is an exemplary social media app that allows the marketers to create engaging content for various platforms. These include Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter stories.

With its robust features, you can dive into the content creation method in a whole novel way. This means you have a lot of options other than the images.

If you really want to elevate your story content, then Fastory is the right option for you.

The Bottom Line

So, are you now familiar with the world-class social media apps for your business? These are just the names that you are just introduced to. It is the right time to get to know more about these. Explore each one of these and see which platform can help you with the best social media marketing.


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