Sales Tech and Integrated Marketing – Critical Factor for Growth

Sales Tech and Integrated Marketing

Have you ever wondered why your sales and marketing teams battle each other? It’s almost the same as two siblings fighting over a piece of chocolate. The blame comes from both sides, and none of them are willing to accept their mistakes.

When things go wrong – the leads go immobile, the revenue is decreased, and the sales and marketing teams blame each other for all of this. The marketing teams blame the sales pointing out that they aren’t shutting down the higher-quality leads which are passing rapidly, while the sales team says that the marketing teams aren’t sending enough or high-quality of leads.

However, the harsh reality is that both of these teams need to shut their grudges off and work together as a team, communicate efficiently, and combine their goals for the sake of generating revenues.

One method through which this is possible is through sales and integrated marketing technology.

Coordinated Touchpoints:

In a digitalized world, a lead may come from anywhere to the organization via an unlimited or limited number of Touchpoints like an email, an event, website, a whitepaper, a banner or a cold call and later onwards proceed through similar Touchpoints before settling down to not convert or convert.

In most of the organizations where data’s are stored in silos, these touchpoints are extremely difficult to track or aligned. The message which is shared regarding your product on social media platforms is dissimilar to the messages sales teams are pitching at an event or conference, which is still different from the message displayed on your product homepage.

Sales and integrated marketing have the authority to make this possible and synchronize all of these touchpoints so that the messages which are sent to the people are conveyed effectively and fit like a puzzle.

Clear Goals = Clear Data:

In most companies, sales and marketing teams attain their data individually, therefore if a lead is crossed through different kinds of marketing campaigns before having a word with the sales department, the leads inaction or action is not allocated to the efforts of marketing.

This process makes it extremely difficult to understand which efforts in marketing are efficiently working and which are not, and there’s a possibility that the marketing team might be investing in incorrect places.

Some of the organizations who are boosting their revenues through sales and integrated marketing are:

• Datavail
• Intermedia
• Rockwell Automation


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