The Best Shopify Apps to Improve your E-Commerce Store

The Best Shopify Apps to Improve your E-Commerce Store

In 2017, Shopify declared that it had reached the highest point of empowering nearly 500,000 e-commerce stores in almost 176 countries. This is a commendable achievement from an organization which was started back in 2004, as a place to sell the snowboards to the public – a notable fact which these giants share openly on their website.

Having strong popularity among many entrepreneurs and small business organizations, the best thing about this store is their ability to get up and run with technical or with little knowledge available.

Interestingly, with Shopify, it is easy to integrate the fantastic proprietary applications from the app store of Shopify, so that the store can improve its chances of getting a significant profit in the business.

However, the problem is that with many Shopify applications to select from, it is quite convenient for any business to feel damaged in regards to the choices in stock – or impressed. To make the selection process more suitable for the people, I will share some of the best Shopify apps for you to charge your e-commerce store.


A wide range of choices is available when we talk amalgamating marketing email software with a Shopify store. Some of the most famous applications include MailChimp, Omnisend and Campaign Monitor.

What makes Klaviyo different from its counterparts is its strong collaboration with the data generated by the Shopify. This way it puts the customized, data-enhanced marketing cheaply within the range of the merchants for Shopify, and can create results quickly.

It has been assumed that the average user at Klaviyo earns nearly $75 for each dollar spent on the application, as per the experts by the Klaviyo and FuelMade blog.

Majority of the e-commerce shop owners agree to the fact that the ignored cart recovery emails are the most convenient methods to change the dying prospects into the potential buyers. The application takes this process one step ahead by giving a choice to the customers to target locate the probable customers who have stopped the browsing session, even if they hadn’t include anything in the cart.


This application provides a strong process for capturing the leads and tools for conversion that can improve the conversion rate more than the industry average around three percent, as per the reports suggested by SmartInsights. With this process, the result will change the methods with the tools that capture.

GrooveJar makes this process simpler by assisting the owners at Shopify to get the email address of the visitors through eight different kinds of personalized tools for pop-ups.


Making sure that all the images are rearranged for the website is one of the cheapest and most efficient methods to improve the performance of the e-commerce store.

Conventionally, cutting down the file size in image editing software like Gimp, Photoshop or allows you to take a more sophisticated approach. These softwares will not only reduce the size of the file and add them to the store for Shopify, but they also compress the images which exist as per your requirements and specifications.


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