What Are The Best Products To Sell In The Chinese Market

Chinese Market

Many people believe that conducting business in China is difficult. They could hardly be more mistaken. Sales in China are undoubtedly more challenging than in some other nations, but they are nevertheless doable.

You can offer your goods or services on the Chinese market and start earning money if you take the appropriate approach and are persistent. With retail sales of consumer products topping 44 trillion yuan in 2021, China, the second-largest consumer market in the world, presents great potential for foreign businesses.

Chinese customers are eager to develop new connections with foreign brands. Over 400 million individuals in China were classified as middle-class in 2021, which presents a chance for firms to expand their international operations.

Selling Goods In China

Both enormous potential and great challenges to Western brands are created by China’s fast urbanization and its developing economy. While some jobs are moving from the United States to Europe, businesses can take advantage of China’s growing purchasing power by offering to sell on the Chinese consumer market.

The things you choose to offer in China should be appealing to Chinese consumers to capture their interest and establish a relationship with them. In the Chinese B2B platform, trends include agricultural products, food and drink, baby and maternity products, wellness products, and high-end clothing.

Chinese Customers’ Product Preferences

Many products are dominating the home market, but not all of them are appropriate for foreign brands because some products are only sold by domestic brands.

To thrive, many businesses can easily start selling the following primary product categories online on international B2B marketplace or any other Chinese marketplace:


A few years ago, most Chinese consumers purchased their clothing from neighborhood stores or flea markets, and China was well-known for its extremely affordable clothing.

These days, all of the major clothing retailers, like H&M, Zara, Gucci, etc., are available in China, and consumers there are more conscious of the value of high-quality clothing and are prepared to spend more for it.

What is most significant in terms of fashion is that internet shopping is taking over from offline retail, with Chinese consumers, particularly younger generations, making the majority of their purchases online.


Imported shoe companies are likewise well-liked in China for reasons similar to those mentioned above. Chinese internet users are modifying their purchasing behaviors and the corporate culture in China by promoting the trend of sports shoes, particularly during the Winter Olympics.

Online sales are being driven by younger consumers who prefer sneakers over their parents, although older generations of Chinese people still prefer high heels and fine leather shoes.


When it comes to luxury goods, the jewelry business in China is one of the fastest-growing industries. Since the beginning, jewelry has been a part of Chinese culture because it was used for religious ceremonies and rites.


The most popular sort of jewelry among Chinese people is metal jewelry, particularly gold, followed by diamonds. However, young shoppers are becoming more interested in silver and unusual jewelry made of materials like aluminum, wood, plastic, and others.

In addition to women’s jewelry, which is helping this industry expand since women are starting to earn more money and are buying more jewelry for themselves, jewelry for children and men is also becoming more and more popular, providing enormous prospects for global businesses.

Skincare And Cosmetics Items

For Chinese consumers, particularly those who use Tmall, beauty, and makeup products rank among the most popular product categories. China is the second-largest cosmetics market in the world and also one of the most promising because it caters to a larger spectrum of consumers than Western markets do.

Men in China are just as concerned about maintaining their appearance as women are, even though women typically use cosmetics and makeup.

Skincare products make up one of the largest cosmetic market sectors since 

Chinese people have traditionally given their skin special attention and strived to keep it as white as possible.

Fresh Goods

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are becoming more and more important to Chinese citizens. In addition to taking up exercise, people start eating more fruits and vegetables to switch to a more plant-based diet.

Young Chinese generations from large cities are keener to modify their eating habits now that the vegan trend has reached China. The Chinese government is also a strong proponent of plant-based meats, as the nation is struggling with a serious obesity issue, particularly among children.

Restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan food, as well as instant nutritious recipes, smoothies, and frozen vegetables, are all growing in popularity.


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