Recent Trends In Personal Protective Equipment


The trends related to personal protective equipment are particularly of high concern to PPE manufacturers who like equipped with the knowledge of what’s ahead in the industry?

Health and safety play a significant role in developing good cordial relations between workers and their employers.

At present, three questions need to be answered by any PPE manufacturer, concerning the health and safety equipment and systems at work, and here’s how experts from the International Safety Equipment Association, responded:

1. What are the PPE trends happening now?

• The most important factor is to choose the right PPE for the job which is an ongoing problem across all industries. Many employees do not follow the rules intentionally and don’t wear the PPE supplied by their employers.
• Those who are designing, producing, and purchasing PPE, don’t just need to understand employees’ needs concerning the well-being and comfort but also the hazards that they can face. One size does not fit all, and worker engagement and involvement during product development is critical.
• As manufacturers attempt to help reduce accidents between pedestrians and powered industrial trucks, there is a visible trend of increased use of high-visibility clothing inside the factory which is essential.

2. What challenges are customers facing and even reaching you out with them?

• Companies trying to simplify PPE purchasing often try to find one cut-resistant glove that meets the highest cut hazard faced in their manufacturing operation.
• More requests for education and clarification regarding PPE for high-visibility disposable garments are seen.

3. What are the technological innovations trending?

• Innovation is continuing with synthetic fibers that enable the development of work gloves, protective sleeves, and garments that offer maximum cut protection in thinner, more comfortable, and more durable styles.
• There is a higher demand for garments that offer coolness, enhanced comfort, more durability, and more protection for more areas of the body.


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