Three Creative B2B Marketing Approaches to Know

Three Creative B2B Marketing Approaches to Know

Creativity is an art that can help you capture your potential prospect’s attention. However, it’s not something that everyone can master. In order to run a creative B2B marketing strategy, you need to work hard on planning and researching what will attract your target audience the most.

To boost your morale, I’ve felt the need to highlight three of the best creative B2B marketing approaches. After going through these, you’ll surely have something to look up to as an inspiration.

1.Philips: A Digital Marketing Masterclass

Philips is a notable organization for its electronic products all around the world. In addition, they also have two B2B marketplaces that offer lighting and healthcare solutions. Similar to other companies, Philips also realized that traditional B2B marketing tactics are not performing up to the mark. Therefore, they created a digital marketing center called, The Philips Asia Digital Command Centre (PADCC).

The sole purpose of this body was to monitor their social surrounding and make a mark in the digital world. In order to do that, this center took help from top-tier digital marketing agencies to create high-quality content and become socially active.

Their goal was to build a database of at least 1000 influencers. Wondering how well they performed? The company managed to gather 3000 influencers. They categorized these influencers to target and actually recorded more brand awareness. The surprising factor here is that they only used an influencer and content system to reach their goals.

2.Salesforce: New Media Genius

I’m pretty sure all B2B marketplaces are familiar with how content marketing can turn out to be a great tactic. However, when we say content, the only types that click our mind are blogs, eBooks, infographics or webinar.

Salesforce, on the other hand, turned out to become one of the first organizations to use podcasts to reach out to their potential audience. They titled it “The Marketing Cloudcast” and utilized audio to discuss everything they used to write in blogs or show in webinars.

One more factor that I’d like to clarify is that running podcasts isn’t a complicated thing. It’s pretty simple as all you have to do is discuss by speaking. You can even reuse your old content and transform it into a podcast to target a broader audience than before.

3.Hubspot: A Guide to Practicing What You Preach

Hubspot is known as the inventor of inbound marketing. The term was first introduced in 2009 when Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan wrote a book on this marketing strategy. Practically speaking the inbound marketing techniques are present in almost every approach, but no one actually took the time to differentiate it and give it importance.

Eventually, Hubspot became digital marketing experts by providing marketing services. They even formed an online academy where they teach digital marketing and offer certifications. Not only do they teach, but they also preach these methods and rose to become a $270 million company.

Wrap Up

These three examples will remain in history as some of the top influencers of B2B digital marketing. Many worldwide B2B marketplaces look up to them and try to follow in their footsteps. In fact, many B2B marketplaces even take help from Hubspot’s tips to revamp their marketing campaigns.


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