Top 3 Accessory Trends of Spring 2020

Top 3 Accessory Trends of Spring 2020 | Exporthub

What you wear says a lot about who you are. The way you dress up can really define you and give a good impression to others. A well-dressed person is always well-presented too. But do just clothes complete your look? Certainly not – we want you to re-think this statement as we believe that fashion accessories are not just pieces that compliment your outfit but they define your style-statement and a must-have for every season. Keeping with the latest accessory trend is not just the duty of a sincere fashionista but anyone can oomph their style and by just adding some of these incredible fashion accessories we have rounded up. So, get-set-ready for some amazing insta-worthy photos and get clicking away as you won’t get enough of how much they add to your style!

1. Matrix Sunglasses

These sunglasses are already so popular with the style-queen Kendell Jenner and Gigi Hadid. These sleek, skinny but micro sunglasses are all you’re looking for this Spring 2020. Try ones with a sportier edge or neon-edge shaped ones to make it your style game-changer.

2. Belt Bags

This cute and comfy fashion accessory is the hottest trend that any lay can wear, no matter how strong her fashion-sense is. Belt bags are continuing to dominate the world of street style with their unique hands-free structure, bringing a blend of being practical and glamorous at the same time.

3. Shoulder-grazing statement earrings

Wearing stunning earrings can totally change the way you look and having some statement ones are a must! The long ones are here to stay! Since a couple of seasons, their popularity is constantly increasing and many are wearing them as a bold fashion iconic piece.

We hope that you will love them and add to your shopping list soon because from Milan and Paris to New York and London, these chic bags, hats, shoes, and more stood out amongst the best street style looks of the Spring/Summer 2020 shows and they are taking the fashion world by storm.


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