Top Five Must-Have Trade Show Objectives to Make Visitors Buy

Top Five Must-Have Trade Show Objectives to Make Visitors Buy

Regardless of how much the internet has taken over the business of marketing, trade shows still exist. In fact, for many industries, attending a trade show is just as mandatory as any other business meeting.

Trade shows hold a very important place in the growth and development of a Business Company. Every year, a large number of industries participate in Trade shows worldwide to exhibit their services and share ideas with industry giants. Trade Fairs not just pave opportunities for B2B networking but also allow exhibitors to find potential customers through live interaction.

However, when it comes to meeting their objectives, several business companies fail to put up a strong impression on their audience. Find out the top five must-have objectives that you should follow before going into a trade show:

  1. Choose the Perfect Representatives

You can’t just set up an exhibitor stall and expect visitors to come to you. Your attractive booth will not attract and convince customers, but the right representative will. You must select someone who fits best for the job, is keen to represent your brand among a large number of attendees.

Most B2B trade shows require live demonstration and display of services, so pick someone who is equally good at marketing your services and has proper information regarding the technicalities of the product. On the other hand, training your representatives can help you set a strong impression over the exhibitors and increase your real-time product sales.

  1. Arrange Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. It is one of the most effective strategies of inviting people to your stall. However, if you want to optimize your sales, arrange giveaways in exchange for product purchases. You can also ask people to follow your social media, participate in competitions and challenges in exchange for free services. This way people will also be motivated to buy products at your booth.

Giveaways can also be used to encourage more B2B interactions and can bring up more people at your booth increasing your chances of finding potential buyers.

  1. Engage with your Audience

No visitor is interested to buy products from a boring stall. Unless you don’t have a meaningful conversation with your audience, there are very fewer chances of you luring them into making a purchase.

Interacting and socializing with your visitors is key. After attracting them up to your stall, make sure you convince them to stay longer and eventually end up buying your product. Some ideas that can help grab the audience’s attention are:

  • Having Interactive media devices
  • In-booth Presentations
  • Live Product demonstrations
  • Doing rounds of exciting game or competition
  • Introducing Prize Wheels
  • Booth Tours for the visitors
  • Entertainment options like inviting a magician
  • Charging Stations for free
  • Challenges and Mind-blogging Activities
  • Walk-in Interviews
  • Career Counsellors for young entrepreneurs
  • A refreshment lounge
  • Gifts and giveaways
  1. Follow-Ups

When attendees visit your booth, make sure to register their details so that you can approach them later for follow-ups and marketing. Staying connected with your customers even after the trade exhibition will show them that you care. Also, you can stay in touch to keep them updated about your future offerings, new products and feedbacks. This good gesture will help customers remember the interaction, your brand and services for a long time until they become your regular customers.

  1. Building your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is necessary before you expect visitors to purchase your products. Make sure to use the trade show as a platform where you can not only interact with people but also spread awareness about your products. A few things you can keep as an objective are:

  • Is your brand marketing consistent on both the website and on display?
  • Will you communicate with your customers’ post-trade show?
  • Are you creating a memorable experience?
  • What impression do you want your customers to leave with?
  • Are you better in competition with other exhibitors?
  • Do customers know everything about your product

When you think you have answered them as a company, you will be able to know what you have to do to attract more visitors and increase sales.


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