Top Five Ways to Verify Chinese Suppliers

Top Five Ways to Verify Chinese Suppliers

Conducting business with an overseas supplier is always a risk. Since you are dealing with them through a digital platform, there may be chances of fraud, fake business setups or you end up coming across bad suppliers who have zero standard products. Especially in a China B2B Marketplace that is ten times bigger than the ones in the US, UK or Europe, experiences like these are very common. Despite being among the top countries for B2B space, many Chinese suppliers are either not legitimate, unverified or just don’t match your criteria.


Ideally, you should be keeping a few factors in mind before you pick a supplier.

  • Does the supplier offer the products you want to buy?
  • Do they have a good reputation in the China B2B marketplace
  • Do they belong to a legitimate business company?
  • Are they on the verge of bankruptcy?
  • What is their history with other B2B buyers?

Once you’re done, let’s find out five ways to verify those Chinese Suppliers:

1.    Go through Chinese Suppliers’ Directories or Google about them

When you pick a supplier, make sure to go through their website, the Chinese Supplier directory or any other China B2B platform they are listed on. Read thoroughly about their policies, returns, and backorders and ensure if their posted contact details are accurate or not. You can also trace the physical address on Google to confirm its accuracy.

If your supplier is authentic, then you will find its company profile on top B2B platforms like Global Sources, Alibaba or Hong Kong Trade Development Council.  You might also find verification from Alibaba if the supplier has had a successful working business on the platform.

2.    Make a Phone Call to them

Many fake suppliers do not provide any genuine information online to avoid being traced by the government. The best way to find if the supplier is real, make a phone call to them. While you’re at it, try to ask for relevant details like the company registration number or their business license number.

One more thing to notice is that most scammers in the Chinese market use mobile numbers to list on their websites since it is possible to have a mobile number without any registration. If your supplier is verified, they will have a landline, which should start from the digits, ‘86’ the country code of China.

3.      Check their Business License

According to any international law, suppliers or B2B businesses, all have to register with the government in order to get a unique registration number. If the supplier has a unique id, then they are verified and safe for doing business with.

4.    Ask for a Reference

If you wish to inquire more verification proofs about your supplier, you can ask them for reference letters from their banks, business partners and customers they have previously dealt with. This will not only give you an idea about their track record but also prove whether they are eligible in producing the top-quality products you need.

Moreover, you can also contact their customers, or any other brands to get to know about their relationship with the supplier.

5.    Visit the Place in Person

 If dealing with suppliers on China B2B trade sites may seem unsure to you, you can visit the company in person to verify everything yourself. This is easier and feasible for B2B buyers in China only. Before you pay a visit, check the location and the area the place is located in. When you get there, have a detailed discussion about their products, quality inspection, delivery and prices. You can only visit the selected ones since it is impossible to visit every Chinese supplier on your list. Narrow down your potential suppliers from area, products, rankings on Alibaba and their history with other brands.


The best way to make your business transactions fraud-free is to ensure you follow all the above steps and conduct thorough research before entering any business deal. Be careful with the entire verification process, don’t rush things and ensure that you secure the best profitable deal in the end.


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