Trade Marketing: What is it?


Trade marketing is growing in value and effectiveness as more and more startups are entering the market. If we go a few years back, trade marketers would be considered wholesalers trying to sell their products. However, it’s much more than that. In fact, you may even be doing it right now, but with complete research, planning, and knowledge, you are prone to make a mistake any time soon. Today, I’ll provide you with a brief background of what trade marketing is and how your worldwide B2B marketplace can benefit from it.


To be precise, trade marketing is a form of our modern day B2B marketing. It’s basically the skill to promote or advertise a brand or product targeting other businesses, and not consumers. The primary objective of this marketing campaign is to target those companies that follow the B2B model. That means they are a B2B marketplace working on selling products to other businesses as well.


There are various reasons why a B2B digital marketing agency would use trade marketing strategies to promote their products.

  1. If you are successful in running a good trade marketing campaign, retailers will also promote your products. This action can help you have a leading edge against your competitors.
  2. By maintaining a reasonable level of purchases at the supply chain level, trade marketing ensures that you produce enough to meet all demands for your product.
  3. Before actually running your trade marketing campaign, you need to know who your target audience is. After that, your marketing efforts will always prove profitable for your company.
  4. Are you facing problems in upselling and remarketing your products to your target audience? If yes, trade marketing is the savior here that can grow your business.
  5. Trade marketing is a great way to establish good relations with crucial supply chain personals. This is great for the future of your product.


Trade marketing has done wonders for many worldwide B2B marketplaces by generating high-quality leads and brand awareness. However, various trade marketing strategies come under trade marketing. You need to choose the one that suits your market niche and requirements.


Trade shows are critical in building new relationships with potential customers for your products. In addition, you can feature at a trade show to show your wholesalers, retailers, and consumers what your products are. Not only will this environment help your product earn a reputation, but it’s also an ideal strategy for brand awareness. 


We all love the special treatment, don’t we? If we do, then that’s what you should also be doing with your potential clients to encourage them to rebuy your products. As a B2B marketplace, you need to make sure all your stakeholders are pleased by your efforts. The best way is to create exclusive offers that promote your products and brand.


Paid ads have always worked for the majority of B2B marketplaces. If you haven’t found success in running ads on Google, Facebook, various sites, and magazines, I’m afraid you may be making a mistake in creating your ad copy.


While going for trade marketing, your ultimate goal should always be to build relationships with your potential clients. With the help of shared objectives, businesses can work together to beat their competitors and capture the market share. If you all want the same thing, it’s a great sign, as you’ll have a reason to team up.


To be honest, a marketing campaign is only useful if there is a strong brand behind it. If you can’t succeed in smart branding, your marketing efforts will be pointless. Your B2B digital marketing agency should first focus on your branding then move towards running trade marketing campaigns.


Trade marketing can put your international B2B marketplace in a win-win position. However, you need to first focus on creating a good brand that has the potential to stand up against the market leaders. After that, you can consult a B2B digital marketing agency to kick-start your trade marketing campaign for your international B2B marketplace.


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