4 Underrated Social Media Platforms to Leverage Your Online B2B Marketplace

Underrated Social Media Platforms to Leverage Your Online B2B

Is your business website live? Have you tried every SEO technique there is to rank your web pages? Well, if you still think that your online presence isn’t strong enough to generate quality leads, it’s about time that you start using social media channels.

Social media marketing (SMM) is currently one of the most effective and cheapest B2B digital marketing techniques out there.

However, many marketers ignore this tactic as it requires lots of efforts. – Don’t, I REPEAT, don’t ignore SMM!

Whenever we talk about social media, the top platforms pop up in our heads. For example, I’m pretty sure you must be thinking about opening your business page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Yes, these platforms are the game changers here, but there are many underrated social channels that have high potential but are ignored — wondering which ones? Here are four underrated social media platforms to leverage your online B2B marketplace.

1.     QUORA

We all know Quora as a simple question and answer platform where you can ask just about anything and receive answers from whoever feels like sharing their thoughts. No, it’s nothing like Ask.com! Quora is a great social media platform as it lets you interact with people through questions. You are free to answer any question as long as you don’t breach any of their rules. In addition, over the past few years, this social network has taken strict actions against those users who were spamming by adding promotional links to their answers. Many users got banned, and maybe that’s one reason marketers avoid using this channel.

To be precise, Quora can still be used by B2B digital marketers to connect with their target audience. By sharing your industry knowledge and expertise, you can generate a strong following and promote your brand once you connect with them.


Facebook Messenger has become a separate platform. It even has its own app for Android, iOS and Windows users. Though it’s connected with the official Facebook platform, the features it has makes it a great platform to promote your business directly.  Other than that, you can also use this social platform to enhance customer support and experience. With the help of chatbot opportunities, your network can reply to queries round the clock.

Remember, customers will never return to you if their questions are unanswered or they aren’t satisfied with the support you offer. On the other hand, when customers receive assistance, they feel valued and will always remember your services on a positive note.  

3.     FLICKR

Flickr has been overlooked for many years now. This platform is a great place to showcase all your images. That means you can add the pictures of your site on this platform. In addition, it also lets you link back to your site.

Images are always good for improving your engagements. In addition, by becoming a part of this community, you’ll have a profile that’ll boost your online presence. The links you use will also generate traffic to your site. Your brand awareness on this site will generate traffic and help your business become a brand in no time.

4.     REDDIT

Reddit is one of the hardest social media platforms to use for promotional activities. If you are a new user and start sharing links from day 1, your ID will eventually get banned for life. Reddit has threads for almost everything. You can talk about games, sports, life, politics, education and much more.

However, while posting comments or threads, make sure you go over the rules highlighted. Other than that, you can also share your expertise by giving advice or answering questions. Similar to how Quora works, this social network also has an ask thread where you can ask or answer any question.

Wrapping Up

If you want your worldwide B2B marketplace to become a successful venture, you have to try everything you can. Even if you already are running an SMM campaign, there is no harm in adding these four underrated social media platforms. Once you start using them and become an active member, you’ll begin to experience immense traffic and quality lead generation from all corners of the digital world.


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