Why Web Personalization Is Key to e-Commerce Success in B2B

web personalization

Personalization is making the best use of collected data of web buyers then create unique, customized, and relevant content for every prospect.

After several trial and error experiences, B2B sites understand website personalization is the critical element for increasing conversion and engagement rates with key audiences. Therefore, they start adopting them swiftly.

There are several benefits connected with web personalization. Let’s have a look at these benefits

Enhance Engagement

45% online shoppers show more interest in websites that present personalized recommendations” Invesp

Have you noticed when you entered any B2B site? They ask for signing up for your ID. As you sign up the B2B website or if you already sign up a member of the website. Your information is saved with reference to the sign-up ID. It helps the Foreign B2B Marketplace to give you a personalized experience.

B2B sites save buyer’s search history rather than bombard them with a lot of ads. Most users like that their search history is preserved on the site and visible to them for further correspondence. In addition, B2B web brands also save your purchase history and expose you to relevant ads and concerning recommendations.

According to Hubspot, target ads on call to action rates were 42% higher than ads exposed on a website to induce prospects.

In this way, personalized content is result-oriented; you hit the right person with the right message at the right time. It increases your brand reputation and creates significant interaction with prospects leading them toward conversion.

Add More Conversions to your Bucket

Leads nurtured with targeted and personalized content generate 20 percent more sales opportunities than impersonalized features (Demand Gen.)

Conversion rates increase due to personalization because as the buyer enters to the B2B site and he found relevant ads, search options, and recommendations. It decreases the buyer’s search time and lessens his mental cost. In this way, it leads the buyer to choose the right product which appeals to his need.

In addition to personalization, there are other important factors too that play a crucial role in conversion. These elements are:

  • If you have certifications, mention you are certified with pictures of the certificate.
  • The quality of the product you claim on your site must meet with prospect expectations.
  • The delivery and payment terms must base on the win/win scenario.
  • If you display product demonstration, the picture/image, text, a video must be easy to understand and appeal to user needs.
  • Offering a free sample or giving a free test trial to your product or service will also increase the chances of winning the buyer into a cash cow.
  • Adding a shopping cart with comfortable and secure online payment options will also attract your target audience toward conversion.

The above points will help you in conversion brought by the effort of personalization into your bucket.

Give an Appropriate Space to Customer Mind

Users are more likely to return from the site as they are bombarded with lots of ads, where they are forced to sign up and found lots of options for unrelated products to select. Web personalization decreases the overload of information and leads the user to access the content appealing to his pain areas, interest, and solution to his problems.

Web personalization gives the user an appropriate space to function what he likes and dislikes. In this way, the B2B brand has got two-fold benefits.

  • One user has got mental space to comprehend and make a better decision.
  • Another, B2B site monitors which page prospect lands thus tracks user landing pages, clicks, impressions, and make a personalized history of a customer.

B2B web also gets a chance to analyze causes for returning of the user from a site and reasons for browsing more pages of the website. Thus, the B2B site can also determine its strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement works and make more efficient results. 

Nevertheless, it is highly essential to keep the sign-up process comfortable and not asking too much personal information like landline numbers. Only name, email, and buying need options are fair enough to include in the sign-up form, and you can add the phone number as an optional field because some users would not like to mention their phone details.

It has been observed that a lengthy sign-up process can distract the prospect from your site and once the buyer has returned he would hardly ever come back to your site.

Everything is fine in the above picture but deleting the date of birth, keep the singular field for a name is much better to develop the customer database for web personalization.

Increase Loyalty

By 2018, B2B E-Commerce sites with excellent personalization increase their sale by 30%. “Gartner”

Exact Target and Forecast consulting research shows that 96% of marketers believe that personalization plays a key role in loyalty and retention of the clients.

Web personalization helps B2B sites to earn customer loyalty easily. The marketing rule of thumb (how to do b2b marketing) is that adding more benefits to the client and decreasing more costs to the customer will attract customers and prospects to your site and will result in brand loyalty.

Web personalization decreases the energy, time, and effort cost and puts it right in front of the consumer what he likes. On another side, web personalization lets the consumer feel that business is going their way rather than going from the direction of the B2B site.

In this context, you can also ask feedback with your clients when you are changing your website interface, add or delete any website service feature and ask your client which type of personalization in content, ads, search recommendations he or she is looking for. In this way, you can approach your clients with a more personalized format.


Along with Web personalization, it is also important your site must be mobile-friendly effortlessly to open on mobile, tablets, and other smart hand devices. Your site must function with consistency, reliability, and ensure error-free browsing. The content that is used for personalization must be user-friendly and easily readable and accessible to give a user a positive and productive experience of your site.


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