How to Keep Your WordPress Website Safe and Secure in 2020?

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WordPress is a vast platform for creating a dynamic website that suits your brand or business. Most of the website developers are still unaware of its vulnerabilities that invite an attacker to harm the online business. 

Research says that there are more than 54% of WordPress vulnerabilities that are affecting eCommerce trends.

Website development is not just about user-friendliness and enabling primary functions to perform likewise. It has many other things that they must pay attention to for providing a better user experience.

The China B2B marketplace believes in guaranteeing a safe and secure user experience to the target market when exploring their websites. It is not tricky to integrate the right security protocols – this post is to share knowledge about security functions that should not be ruled out when developing a creative yet engaging website. 


Protect Login Page from the Attackers 

Your login page is attackers’ primary target. They use every limit to gain access to the website if the login page has any loophole. 

Be cautious in choosing user credentials. The default credentials are always cracked easily, and then what? The attacker will launch a brute force attack and forcefully enter the site without letting you know. 

Web developers can change the default credentials once WordPress is installed. Add an SQL query to PHP admin and secure your website from unauthorized access.

Website Lockdown to Avoid Brute Force Attacks 

Online B2B platform offers distinct website development services and that too, with strict attention to security measures. 

When it comes to failing attackers’ mission, the only thing that comes to mind is about website lockdown feature. WordPress is a trusted platform where web developers can launch the feature to avoid brute force attacks.

This feature might be new for a few – it immediately locks the website when an unauthorized user enters the wrong password multiple times. Not only this, but the admin is informed about the unethical activity. 

Strictly Use Two-Factor Authentication Rule 

Following footprints of an unprofessional website, developers can cost you everything – be careful in choosing the right strategy for ensuring digital security. 

The international B2B marketplace highly recommends a two-factor authentication (2FA) model for the login page. This measure will allow the user to enter another detail to ensure authentication.

The web developer should use appropriate options or desired questions to make this model appropriately right for security. 

Prefer E-mail over Username 

The attackers easily crack usernames. Do not underestimate their potential to identify the credentials that are easy yet unsafe. 

E-mail addresses come within the most secure approach. Attackers find it more complex to break the security when an e-mail address is entered as a primary credential. 

Web developers should pay heed to the concern because the username is easier to predict as compared to an e-mail address.

Strong Passwords Mean Better Security 

Just like username, passwords can also take away all controls from you. Do not make things tactless for yourself while easier for the attacker at the same time. Create passwords that are complex and difficult to break. 

A pro tip to the web developers is to change the password regularly for enhanced security. Safe passwords are ok – be smart enough to jumble the phrases that are mind-numbing for the attackers during an attack.

HTTPs is Safer to Use

If you want to add extended security to a WordPress website, HTTPS is a must. This protocol instantly encrypts the communication between the web browser and the webserver. So, whenever the browser sends data to the server or vice versa, the attacker is uninformed about the transmission. 

Not only this, but HTTPS also protects the website from unreliable hidden scripts resided on your computer. 

Website developers give attention to such measures as an added benefit to reach above in Google ranking – this guarantees brand awareness. 


Cybersecurity has become a hot topic in the digital world. However, developers are still unaware of the security measures that should be installed to avoid unethical intrusions. 

The post is a guide to the website developers and some newbies to understand what it means to secure a WordPress website. There are many other essential hacks within the information security domain, which can help your business come out of a danger zone. 

It only requires time and sufficient knowledge to make things better for yourself and ensuring a satisfying user experience. 


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