What Global B2B Buyers Want From their Suppliers

What Global B2B Buyers Want From their Suppliers

I’m pretty sure that as a B2B marketplace, you are aware of the fact that in order to transform a potential prospect into a sales lead, you need to produce engaging content. However, many B2B marketers still fail to find any success in this approach due to the fact that they aren’t clear on what B2B buyers really want from their content.

For example, a few years back, a few exciting blogs could positively influence a buyer to make a purchase decision. However, as the competition is becoming more intense, buyers are more interested in the credibility of the content. That means you can’t just write anything you wish too. Your content has to be of high-quality and should highlight a credible source.

If you are trying to boost your sales team’s performance, find out what international B2B buyers are hungry for.

B2B Buyers Are Looking for a One-Stop Solution

Have you ever felt how easy it is to grab everything you need to buy from a nearby Target or Walmart? Well, it wasn’t always that easy. You’d have to go from one store to another to purchase products from electronics to groceries.

In today’s modern world, with technology trying to make our lives easier, B2B buyers also are in search of a one-stop solution. Prefer to connect with a B2B marketplace that can provide them with a wide range of products and services. That way, it saves them the time and effort. In addition, a one-stop solution also helps you build a long-term relation and trust amongst each other.

They Want You to Tag Along

Global buyers have grown smart, and they are not in search for sales reps who don’t contact you once a deal is closed. They want you to join them on the ride and experience how buyers struggle in searching for the right supplier. In addition, they want a supplier on whom they can rely on and trust. They want you to provide the ideas and suggest alterations in their marketing strategy.

Suppliers are also strongly encouraged to provide after sales support to all their international buyers. It may feel like you are their assistant, but I believe it’s worth it as they’ll give you the business you need to survive and generate a good ROI. If you are lucky and find success in building a good relationship with a buyer, you’ll have a long-term client who’ll give you a good business for many years to come. With the help of technology, this process has become quite more comfortable than it ever was.

However, one thing that all B2B marketplaces need to remember is that when they expect you to build a relation, they also trust you to maintain it. You can’t merely stop replying if they don’t give you an order for some time. Wait it out and try convincing them to buy from you again.

B2B Buyers Want You to Communicate

It’s actually pretty annoying when you buy something from a company in bulk and never hear from them. Well, that’s what your B2B buyers expect from you. They want you to stay in touch and ask for feedback every now and then. If not, even a general email regarding an offer will do in most cases. A friendly hello email can pull the trick. Communication is a crucial business aspect, so maintain it both internally and externally.

Always be Transparent with Your B2B Buyers

Never lie! Many salespersons have a habit of over exaggerating regarding their products. At the end of the day, when buyers purchase these products they never feel the same satisfaction they had expected all thanks to sales reps. Therefore, B2B buyers simply want suppliers to be transparent with what they are selling. If you can highlight the good points about a product, feel free to clarify the bad ones as well. B2B buyers also need to sell the products they buy from you. Therefore, if they aren’t fully aware of what they just bought, then they’ll face difficulties in selling them.


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