Which is Healthier – Boxing Or MMA?

Which is Healthier - Boxing Or MMA? | Exporthub

Boxing is a very demanding but healthy sports for your body. It requires extensive work from your heart, lungs, arms, muscles and much more and the health benefits are worth it as it increases your life expectancy, reduce stress and weight, improve mental health and build muscles.

However, Mixed Martial Arts is an ancient form of combat, modified for modern sport and exercise. In today’s world, the participation in this healthy sport is increasing and similar to Boxing; there are healthy, meaningful benefits associated with its practice; recommended by millions of practitioners.

As far as safety is concerned, when comparing MMA to other combat sports, such as boxing, Mixed Martial Arts have a safer track record, especially concerning severe injuries and death. Knockout rates are lower in MMA competitions than in boxing, suggesting a reduced risk of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in MMA competitions compared to other events. Boxing has many benefits, but we have rounded-up four main ones:

• It has Aerobic advantages and is excellent for your heart and lungs. The sweat production is considered good for your body, and it also builds and improves your cardiovascular system. It makes you more active and helps you in other sports too. For instance, ‘running.’ It can make you run longer and faster.

• Boxing builds muscle; with the number of movements required during sparring, the chances of developing lean muscle mass are very high, but wearing heavy gloves is necessary for that. From among varieties of many Boxing and Martial Arts Goods, 16oz or 18oz boxing gloves are recommended for building muscles, as the extra weight will increase muscle mass.

• Boxing is considered to be the best stress relievers and adds an extra element, as a punching bag or boxing pad not only feels good, but it also helps you get rid of any anger or build-up in your life.

• If you’re struggling with the question – How to shed those extra pounds? – Adopt boxing as your training regime to lose weight faster. Body and Soul, a simple 30 minute Boxing workout can burn around 234 calories.


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