Why Instagram is the Next Big Thing

Why Instagram is the Next Big Thing

When we see Instagram’s logo on our phone, all we think about is stories, holiday snaps, memes, quotes and small clips. However, with over 100 million users, you can’t deny the fact that many of them are your potential clients, employees and suppliers. Therefore, ignorance of such a social media platform from a B2B marketplace, wouldn’t be considered a smart move.

Wondering why? Read on to find out!


If you can share just about everything you do during the day on Instagram in the form of snaps and videos, then why don’t you do the same for your business? A lot happens throughout the day that you can share with your follower. We know you have a website, but I’m pretty sure your followers will prefer seeing snaps from you on your Instagram page rather than on your site.

To start off, you can reveal your company’s culture. Take your potential audience behind-the-scenes and show them your office, work environment, and even your values. One thing to note down here is that B2B buyers prefer buying from those B2B platforms that they like, know and trust.

In addition, you can also share your customer’s experience. No need to share every customer’s story, but you can share the ones that you feel will move your followers and make a strong impact on your audience.  In addition, if you have an active Instagram page, your employees will also link their posts related to work with your page. This can develop a better image of your brand within the community.


Regardless of why you use Instagram, at the end of the day, it is a social platform, and just like any other similar network engagement is the core purpose. Social networks are designed to engage with your friends, family members and even your followers. The same can be done by you to show your followers how much you care about your audience. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to get into conversations. In addition, share useful content to generate comments and shares for your posts. That way, you can reply to comments and like their activity to maintain a healthy level of engagement.


If you think Instagram is just a social platform for sharing snaps and videos of your day, you are wrong. As users rapidly increased, the developers realized the potential this network has in social media marketing. Many top B2C brands started using this platform to lure more customers to their brand. Quite similarly, even B2B platforms understood that they could also reach out to over 100 million users through this platform. That’s where instagram’s paid ads jump in.

Quite similarly to how you run adverts on Facebook, your paid ad copies can also appear on your Instagram, profile. There are two ways to do it. You can either choose to show all your paid Facebook posts on Instagram as well. Or, if you are in favour of running unique Instagram optimized ads on this platform, you are free to go for it.

To be honest, both ways have turned out to be great for B2B portals. However, your choice strongly relies on your product, target audience, and ad copy.


One way to boost your Instagram followers is by sharing inspirational quotes. Since you aren’t free to post long-form content on this network, you can attract, increase engagement and entertain your followers with snaps of quotes, memes or even interesting Gifs.

The good part here is that you don’t have to make any effort of writing something down. Use the Internet to find some of the top quotes related to your industry. Influence your followers with such posts and make sure to don’t let their attention slip away.


Social media marketing (SMM) has proven to do wonders for many top brands. As a B2B marketplace, you can’t ignore this platform. In fact, I would consider this platform a crucial part of your next SMM campaign. If you still haven’t planned how you’ll use Instagram for your B2B platform, follow our tips and launch your business page today. Within no time, you’ll be seeing followers racing to like, comment and share your posts within their social circles.


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