Why Your Online B2B Marketplace Should Be Using Twitter


With so many social networks out there, you can’t expect an online B2B marketplace know which one to use. Even though you’ll come across many people, who’ll say that all social media channels are necessary, but practically speaking you can’t work on all of them at once? Even if you so, you’ll never be able to capitalize on the opportunities that come in front of you due to too much stress and workload.

Therefore, we have always emphasized on advising a foreign B2B marketplace to divert all resources on maintaining a well-thought and effective marketing strategy on a few social platforms. However, now the primary question that arises in the minds of B2B marketers is that which one?

Though LinkedIn is considered the best social media platform for an online B2B marketplace to focus on, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from other top social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit Quora, etc.

Today I’d like to put our focus on how Twitter can play a vital impact on your marketing approach for your foreign B2B marketplace. I’m sure you may be thinking that Twitter is old school and isn’t a reasonable place to market your brand, let me change your mindset with these crucial reasons why your online B2B marketplace should be using Twitter.


Remember, Twitter has it all! Twitter is considered one of the largest and most active social networks in the world. On average, around 500 million tweets are tweeted in a day. I can guarantee that if you are active on Twitter, you can’t miss a single thing that is going around the world. News, updates, business tips, festive days, this network will tell you everything.

If we talk about B2B platforms, just type in B2B marketers for a list of all the top digital marketing experts working for their respective foreign B2B marketplaces You could easily connect, learn and interact with these experts to learn a few things about B2B marketing. On the other hand, with the right Hashtags and Tweet, you can effectively market your brand and let the world know about it. You never know, you just might get that right trend with your tweet to make it hit the charts and show up with the most trending ones.


Apart from offering services like email, live call, live chat and chatbots to solve customer queries and provide support, many online B2B marketplaces also use Twitter to help their followers and prospects. Your company can set up specific customer support profiles on Twitter to focus on answering customer’s questions. These accounts can also be used to tweet updates and announcements related to your business operations or an upcoming event or sale. In addition, you can also engage with your audience with tweets related to what’s happening in the world or merely a social cause to display a good image of your organization.


It’s pretty frustrating not to know where you stand in front of your competitors. However, if you were active on Twitter the number of followers would be an indicator that could signal your popularity amongst others. You can use Twitter and analyze your competition and keep an eye on what they are up to. This approach is helpful in understanding how well your competitors are performing and how you can maintain the lead with the right tweets.


Did we tell you that Twitter has more than 330 million active users? – That is huge!

Your business-to-business website can stay connected to both the world and other global B2B marketplaces on this social platform. With such an educated number of users, your tweet can quickly reach out to people beyond your borders. If you are looking for a way to increase international presence of your B2B marketplace, Twitter is the first place to start with.


Thought international B2B marketplaces are built for international buyers and sellers from all corners of the globe, you still need to focus on your social presence. The primary reason is that there are still many business-to-business marketplaces that are unaware of the many B2B portals operating. You can attract such businesses with the help of Twitter.

For the reasons mentioned above, I’m pretty sure by now you are convinced that all international B2B marketplaces need Twitter to initiate a global approach and enhance their social presence.


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