Different Mannequin Styles and Buying Guide

Different Mannequin Styles and Buying Guide

Mannequins have a realistic human form and an attention-grabbing design that’s ideal for showcasing apparel.

Mannequins and Apparel Display are widely used by designers and manufacturers to show off their latest creations at trade shows and fashion expos and even for their store displays. They are highly in demand always, and it is usually not seasonal but instead, depends on the need of the owner or manufacturer.

Even many tech companies use Mannequins to demonstrate how wearable technology like smartwatches, VR headsets, and activity trackers are worn. All this physical display gives the buyers a better idea of how the product is most likely to look as they purchase it. Many get attracted to buy or make their decisions to buy based on the products showcased on these unusual body forms.

For a majority, little does it matter regarding the shape or size of the mannequins, for various businesses a standard format- works excellent. However, with the passing time, the buyers are becoming very selective about the kind of Mannequins & Apparel Display they choose for their business, and manufacturers what to know more about their choice to bring in variety to make apparel and other accessories look good on them, eventually promoting sales.


Realistic mannequins are the most popular ones because of their lifelike facial features and appearance. To give customers an accurate representation of your apparel, they have a flesh tone and often come with a natural-looking wig.

Plus-Size Mannequins

Body image is a significant factor, when deciding which mannequins to use, and can leave a wrong impression on customers. Since the equality factor is growing all over the world like a trend, plus-size mannequins are continuing to grow in popularity, which show-case close to reality body sizes, not just the skinny, picturesque models often seen in


Abstract mannequins are great for retailers who are looking for a more contemporary motif and feature, a distinctive look, and shape that’s popular in designer stores. Retailers often use abstract mannequins to feature trendy clothing and new lines of apparel.


Partial mannequins come in a variety of shape and sizes and are mostly placed directly in display cases or on countertops, highlighting specific items instead of piecing together an outfit offers a few distinct advantages. This allows more product focus to be built.

Art and Controversial

Something creative that’s never been seen before is a sure-fire way to get more customers in the door. They are mostly custom-made as per your store needs and requirements and are sometimes associated with a negative image. For instance, ones at a lingerie shop.


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