Top 6 Easy Crafts For Kids To Try This Year

Easy Crafts For Kids

Parents’ most favorite time pass is to create beautiful stuff out of creative things. This not helps their kids utilize the time in a better way but also nurtures their self-creativity. When it comes to talking about easy crafts for kids, nothing can beat the best ideas on the internet. 

You don’t always have to take inspiration to get started with the project. All you need is to grab your children and indulge them in this activity. Easy crafts for kids are not difficult to find. You have to plan first and see if your plan will work out. If you want to make your children’s quarantine creative yet productive, then here we bring the best ideas for you. 

This post will let you know some basic and easy crafts for kids. You can also get the stuff in bulk from different local shops or online B2B marketplace. But first, you should know what will excite your children. 

Let’s get started!

Which Easy Crafts For Kids Can Make This Year Productive For Everyone In Your Family? 

According to Dr Richard Rende, creative interaction between parents and children increases cognitive benefits. It also creates a secure bonding experience, and you all can involve in the activities that are worth investing time. 

Not every parent is passionate about creativity and indulging experiences. If you are not one of those parents, then your children are lucky. Arts and crafts from home easily penetrate in the soul of the children that often compromises when performed with others. 

Being a parent, you should take the initiative to improve your children’s mental health. Creativity comes with practice. If you want your kids to get the skills, then you should not leave them in the hands of the digital world. Let them utilize this time in playing with arts and crafts and inventing incredible stuff. 

Recycled Tin Can Windsocks 

One of the creative stuff to make at home is the tin can windsocks. It is so easy to make, and you don’t have to invest a lot. 

If you have empty tin cans at home, then utilize those here. Let your children do some creativity with paints on the cans – you have to guide and keep check on the work. 

Get colourful ribbons from the shop and glue the favourite ones on the painted tins. Try it once yourself and let your kids make these easy crafts on their own. 

Aeroplane Clothespin

For this, you don’t have to step out. Or, even if you are out of stock, get the stuff delivered at your home. 

One of the easy crafts for kids to try at home is aeroplane clothespin. This is super easy yet creative for the kids to give it a try. No home can survive without clothespin. So, this is the time to take your kids’ creativity to the next level. 

To start making this super cute aeroplane, you need to have glue, clothespin, and craft foam. It will only take a few minutes to deal with the making process. Your kids will love to craft a special toy all by themselves. 

DIY Marble Run

Well, if you are interested in making a fun craft with kids, then DIY marble run is the best idea. Your kids don’t have to run outside the home in search of games. When your kids make it from scratch, they will play with it all day and all night. 

All it takes is a glue or tape, paper towel rolls, scissors, and stash of leftover tp. You can find tutorials as well to make this amazing game for the kids. 

Embroidery on Hoops 

The biggest trend on the internet today is hand embroidery. It is again the most creative thing to do while sitting at home. For this creativity, you should also have relevant talent. 

Hand embroidery never gets old. Since the global pandemic affected our lives in a lot of ways, people have again started to do some trendy stuff.

It will be best if you watch tutorials to get started with hand embroidery. Make sure you hand over needles to your kids under supervision. It will excite them for sure and might let you see some interesting designs as well. 

All you need to get is the colourful embroidery threads, hoop, needles, scissors, and fabric. 

Creative Bookmarks 

Another easy craft for kids to try at home is the bookmarks. This is not way too challenging for anyone. It only takes inspiration and amazing design to create the best bookmark from scratch. 

Not only this, but you can also let your kids make the one relevant to the book genre. For instance, if they are reading Harry Potter, then they can craft a Hogwarts version bookmark. 

You can get a variety of interesting ideas on the internet too. Take a card sheet, paints, design, and a thread or ribbon. This bookmark can also be a perfect gift for anyone. Try it and let your kids enjoy making the best bookmarks from scratch. 

Painted Flower Pots 

You can also allow your children to colour your garden. It is one of the best activities to indulge your kids. This should be done under supervision to avoid any harm. 

Painting flower pots is not something new. It has inspired many garden lovers from years. Now, you can teach your children to love your garden and make it an interesting place in your house. Let them pour out the mud and provide a set of paints. 

You can also share some beautiful ideas and give your kids a chance to come up with a fantastic result. 


Easy crafts for kids is no more a challenge. Instead, your kids will be happier to get involved in some creative activities. Since schools are closed, and you should limit tech use, crafting is the best way to keep your kids active. 

Try these super amazing crafts at home. Your kids will love to polish their skills and produce the masterpieces beyond your expectations. 


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